Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ku Ku Kachew!

I never used to be susceptible to so many little flu bugs. Seems I always managed to escape any of the really nasty stuff other people caught. Not so anymore. I have been sick more frequently over the last two years than I have been throughout my life!

I have been fighting off a cold that really wants to kick my butt. Sore throat, swollen glands, sniffles, the chills. You know the story. And my body has been working pretty hard at keeping the monster at bay.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty groggy and achy, but I headed in to the gym to try and sweat it out. Luckily for me, hahaha, there wasn't a parking spot within two blocks. So I headed over to have a protein shake at the Let's Shake shop. And I sat there all teary-eyed and sick looking. But my phone rang and a friend wanted to go walk her dog. Even though it was only about 20 degrees, the sun was out and it was calling my name. I quickly hopped in my car and drove out to join her. It was, of course, wonderful. Thirty minutes of a pretty brisk wind-whipping was all it took to lift my spirits. And the great thing about having really fat thighs is that no blood circulates to those areas, so they numb up pretty quickly and you don't feel a thing! Yay! I was soooo grateful my friend thought of me. I think I would have wallowed in my stupor all day if she hadn't. It kept me pretty up all the rest of yesterday.

This morning I added a migraine headache to my cold symptoms, and I was down for the count. So I spent a great deal of today trying to sleep it away - to no avail. Almost made it worse. So I went outside to shovel. We're in the middle of a blizzard here in God's country. But I decided to sweat and get fresh air at the same time. It helped yesterday. And guess what? It helped again today! My headache and cold symptoms are not gone, but they have definitely diminished. And I think once the headache hits the road the rest of me will be fine. I don't do very well with suffering. Not well at all.

And the weird, dieter twist to all of this is that I have absolutely NO appetite. The thought of food makes me sick right now. Any food. I don't even want something to drink. Yuk! I'd rather shovel than use my energy thinking about what to make for dinner. So I may just skip it. If I do . . . anyone want to take bets that I can't stay off the scale tomorrow???? Yea. Curses.

Okay. I'm fading. And I'm getting foggy again. So I'm going to sleep a little. I REALLY hope I wake up more healthy tomorrow morning. Some little somebody deep down inside of me is ready to get back to work at the gym (I watched Biggest Loser last night. lol. Always an inspiration, that show.) Gotta get a move on.

If you have a home remedies you want to share, let me know! God love ya!


  1. How about this for a home remedy. Take 1/2 glass of hot water, put lemon and honey in the water then add a generous amount of brandy. Ron swears by it. I think it just makes him forget about the cold.

  2. Hahahaha! Classic. Ya gotta love him!