Friday, February 6, 2009


There's a demon living in my bathroom. I'm sure of it. And since today was my day to weigh in, that demon got busy to make my life miserable!

I hopped on the scale as usual. I knew immediately something was wrong because it said 208. Uhhhh, yea. Not possible. So I got back on. 212.5. Uhhhh, yea. Now I'm nervous. Off. On again. 211. What the???? And so began my little salsa scale-dance. On. Off. Step forward. Step back. Yee ha! Ondulay! WORK those hips. OWN those numbers!

Utterly ridiculous! I never got the same number twice. And I'm sure it goes without saying that my mood went from completely anxious to very, very bad. I stormed around with my insides on FIRE I was so frustrated. And then, thankfully, my sister intervened. "Time for a new scale," she said. What??? "Get a new scale. One that works right. Once on, once off. Done." she said. And so we did. We went out and got me a new scale. Cool one too. One of those fancy schmancy glass ones that lets you see your weight to the tenth of a pound (as opposed to the 1/2 pound increments of my old one). But there was no way I was giving up any of the weight I'd lost. So the first thing we did was compare. Thankfully for me (and I guess you now too), they match!!! Hurray!!!

So there it is. My weight is down another 2 pounds - give or take 5. Hahaha. I'll keep you updated because I will do another weigh-in tomorrow so that I have it straight in my head. Because as you know all too well by now, I live by those numbers. I just need to be sure.

Other than the critical element of my weight, my food intake was okay. Too low today. Only 750 calories. That's not good. I have eat to lose. Such an unfair contradiction, don't you think? But my exercise was good. Treadmill 20 and water agony 10, maybe 15. New muscles aching tonight. But it's good. Really. No, really!

So it's off to bed now. But before I lay me down to sleep, I just want to thank you for the wonderful comments I get. They really have an impact on me. I have been thinking all day today about how I got where I am. And the more weight I drop, the more honest with myself I can be about that. Right now I'm still either partially blind or a flat out liar, so I will keep you posted as I know those answers too. But thank you. Thank you for giving me such great advice.

Okay. Nuf said. May God bless you with something special tomorrow. And may He bless me with both the courage to continue this journey and the wisdom to see the positive side of what I endure to get there. Amen. A.M.E.N.!!!


  1. I knew you had it in you. You had to take those rose colored glasses off and just take a look.
    Through these postings of yours I am beginning to see the beauty that is you -
    Congratulations my friend!

  2. I've been pondering your last post. If you can forgive me for being so forward, I do believe this protective coating you are wearing is just a disguise. I am sure you love that little gremlin of yours. And I bet the other things that make you, pardon the new age word, bullistic, are not the real you. You are carrying a heavy load, not weight, but dissapointment in yourself for letting this happen. BUT I've noticed each time you handle the imagined or real set backs, like the scale showing different weigh-in's you bounce back quicker, happier and more positive. You are doing more then losing weight, you regaining your innerself. I believe in you. Now I shall take a leave because I think I have said too much.

  3. You had me almost rolling on the floor imagining you stepping on and off the broken scale! LOL!! Did you start some aerobic music and start swinging those arms too?!? Lisa, I LOVE reading your adventures in Losing. Your sense of humor shines and makes me smile. And I wouldn't miss reading from your commenters either. Such wise observations and advice. GO GIRL!!