Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Ur Freak On

Today has been horrible. Horrible. Horrible!! I feel like Otis, the chubby drunk from Mayberry. He could never quite get his act together. And that was me today.

My body ached everywhere when I woke up. I'm thinking that the ice-skating used some muscles that have lain dormant for a couple of years. I could hardly move. And then I made a big, BIG mistake. I got on the scale a day early. And that was it. My day ended. The scale number was the exact same as it read last week. No, no, no, no, no!!!!! I can't take it. Not today. I need a reward each week, and if lower numbers don't show, it's not worth it.

I thought I was prepared for a plateau. Apparently I'm not. So I turned around and pretty much topped out in calories today. I ate about 2300 total. And here's the kicker-- it was 2300 healthy calories. Yea. You would think I would have wasted it on chocolate cake or donuts or something. Nope. I'm either too stupid or to chicken to do that. I had Kashi Lean (High Fiber) cereal, smokehouse almonds, a protein bar and a protein shake, string cheese -- you get the picture. And by the end of the day I was so beyond irritated that I ate a BK cheeseburger for good measure. Just to sort of prove that I had rally blown it. AND I didn't excercise. No skating, no treadmill. It was complete diet anarchy!

I don't think I can handle a plateau. I don't know if I will get on the scale tomorrow or not. I probably will, just because I'm a numbers junkie. But I can't keep on and on if the weight doesn't drop. So here's the question: how do you break a plateau? Seriously. I could use help here. . . . I despise the weight I'm at now. I would be thrilled just to get out of the 200's.

I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Another big fat day. Ugh!!!!


  1. Your lil heart is broken after all that hard work. A bad day. What has it been? A month? On bad day in a month? A LITMUS TEST: A test that uses a single indicator to prompt a decision. darlin, ask your self FIRST: Do the jeans fit better,can I sit like a pretzel just a little bit, is my waist a little smaller - my stomach a little flatter. Can I do things I could not do 3 months ago. I bet the answer is yes. You didn't blow it. You blew off steam~ Now let us know today how it is going and maybe one of your
    experienced friends OR THE WARDEN can come to you aid. Plateaus don't last. There is someone who writes with an always upbeat voice - come to her aid galynn - i am too far away. She needs an angel today.

  2. OTIS!!????? You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!
    He CHOSE to be a drunk!
    He hid his problem and bought booze illegally then hid in jail!
    None of which applies to you.
    I'm hopping the extra food fired up your metabolism and just burned those old fat cells that have been waiting in the wings, holding tight to a comfortable space.
    It will come. Hold on.

  3. On the wagon, off the wagon. On the wagon, off the wagon. Well, if you're gonna keep hopping on and off, you might as well make your body do it too. Hop, hop, hop!!

    There are SOOOOO many things that can make your weight fluctuate: water intake, too much *salt* (I'm told - LOL!), how much waste your body is eliminating at any given hour of the day (did you recently end a colon cleanse? you'll see some weight come back as your body begins to hold onto some of that stuff in your bowels -- NOT related to fat, missy), all that muscle tissue you are building.

    But that's only part of it. Do you have baseline measurements of key areas? If you do, I'll bet $100 that if you measured on a day when you think you are plateau'ing and compared it to a baseline day of measurements, you have lost in inches in key areas. Remember, muscle is TWICE the weight of fat. You WILL plateau in pounds BECAUSE you are doing this right!! NEVER forget THAT. Look forward to the plateaus. And if you need numbers, then girlie, get out that tape measure and take a baseline from where you are right NOW: breasts, waist, hips, upper arm, thigh. Write it down. Save that slip of paper. Heck even measure your ankles if you are gonna ice skate, cause you are gonna be losing fat and building muscle tissue there at the rate you work out. Then, the next time you reach a plateau, TAPE MEASURE time! OR, how about put on the jeans you were wearing in December. My guess is there is some room in them now.

    One more thing: the more muscle tissue you build, the faster your metabolism gets. So, that 2300 calories will have less impact now than it did awhile back. Go girl! You're doing good. A plateau is a GREAT sign that you are moving forward!! Yay!!!

  4. Look back to your very first post 224.5. Are you kidding --- you are mad that you stayed at 210. Your first post said the snow was falling, it was the the beginning of January --- just setting into the dark middle of winter. Here you are thinking about June, working out regularly (which you hadn't been) and your worst day was 2300 calories. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and when you start that get yourself to the gym! You are sooooo disciplined and in control of your appetite. You are inspirational for an entire world of internet followers --- DON'T GIVE UP even if that number stays at 210 next Friday. Don't go back to January 2nd!

  5. Pardon me!
    I didn't mean the brain damaged part -
    I meant the winner mentality part!

  6. We are going to call 911 if you don't post soon!

    Look at the number of hits! It was 1222 in case you didn't realize it when you had the bad day.

    Wew are comcerned about you!