Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Or should I say ice capades? I always wanted to be in the Ice Capades. I used to try and do all sorts of spins and jumps and tricks. I thought I was a pretty good figure skater for someone who never had skating lessons. But for those of you who share my enthusiasm for this sport I have a news bulletin: getting back into your ice skates after a long hiatus is not remotely close to getting back on a bicycle. You don't just hop on the ice and go -- much to my shock and dismay.

It's been at least 7 years since I've been on ice skates. And truthfully, I don't recall having any problem at all getting right out there and spinning around, skating backwards and pretending I was Dorothy Hamel. I mean, it was fine. No problem. This morning, on the other hand, THAT was hilarious. Not at first, of course. But eventually I got used to the idea that I had obviously outgrown (either physically or otherwise) the raw, natural talent I used to possess.

When I put my skates on they felt a little bit snug, but I was fairly comfortable in them. They were freshly sharpened so I stepped confidently out on the ice. I was the only one there at first, which turned out to be a blessing. I spent the next 20 minutes stumbling, slipping and tripping on my toe piks. I wiped out, bounced of course, broke a small blood vessel in my wrist. I lost my balance countless times and I no longer have any idea how to stop. That sideways "stop and spray" that I used to do so effortlessly is a a thing of the past. Now I just skate headlong into the boards. Bam! I stop. It was really a trip!

I stopped a couple of times to adjust my laces so they weren't quite so tight at the top. That helped. And then I just kept on skating. "Whoop, whoop!" But I kept on. And after a while, some of that movement became familiar again. I even started to think that if I keep up with this I might very well get to the point where I'm pretty good at it again. And then maybe the lady who is one of the regulars skaters there that will stop telling me I "should really be wearing a helmet." Excuuussse me? Don't you know that deep down I'm really Dorothy Hamel?????

Anyway, it was really a lot of fun. I am not the least bit embarrassed by my lost talent. It'll return, as I plan to. Right after I buy some gauze and bandaids to cover the five blisters I got from those skates. Yes, blisters. Bad ones. Sooooo dumb! But if I can get past that, I have a lot of calories I can burn out there. And it's a work out, that's for sure! But just in case -- I got on the treadmill tonight for 30. Yay me!

I'm off. I didn't sleep too well last night so I am hoping to catch up tonight. Then it's ibuprofen and a new day! Ya gotta love it!

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  1. Well well my little darlin. You are letting your innerself free. I love it! I do believe you are a God fearing soul. And he created the wonderful you. The beauty of your soul. All inside. But he is letting you be the architect of your body. Sort of like Michelangelo when he was creating the Pieta or David. I think I hear your laughter!
    When you regain your composure back to Michelangelo my friend. Ready?

    Mid stream of his wonderefully creations in marble he was forced to create his masterpice, the Sistine Chapel. And Oh! the devil he met along the way! He hounded his every move. Have you ever seen the movie the Agony and the Ecstasy? A long one and but pretty good. The difficulties he endured are like yours right now. He vasilated from discouragment and anger. He had a hard time seeing the beauty that was evolving. And Pope Julius was his demon - challenging, hurtful and sometimes cruel. But in the the end.....well you will have to see the movie. The end makes sitting through the movie worth it. It is your story, a work of art, guided by the hand of God.