Thursday, March 31, 2011

Satan is Hiding in My Scale

That's what my mother said. The scale is Satan all dressed up in shiny metal and plastic. The scale lulls you into the bathroom, sweetly calls out to you, tempts you with hope and desire, asks you to dance . . . and then WHAM!!! Your spirit is sucked right out through your toes, your hopes dashed and your day destroyed. And for what? Three tiny little digits (and I don't mean toes). But I think she might be right. So, I am avoiding the scale until I weigh in with Jenny tomorrow.

It's an odd feeling to go off and weigh myself on someone else's scale. It's even stranger to be buying prepared food and bringing it home. I know what food works and what doesn't. I know what foods to avoid. I have read all the diet books and blogs and blah, blah, blah that's out there. At this point, reading new information might just be a supernatural event in my life. And I already know that I plan to balance Jenny and my other weight loss methods. So here's the bottom line:


Some people do Weight Watchers, some Adkins or South Beach, some eat what they want and limit portions, some don't change their eating habits but start exercising. There are a lot of different ways to approach weight loss. And as long as the method is healthy, I say GO FOR IT!

For me, it's all about the calories in and out. 1200 calories a day may seem low, and even dangerous, to some people out there. But it's a necessary number for my body. It works for my body. I'm not starving. Not in the least. And truthfully, experiencing the sensation of hunger is definitely not the worst thing I can to do my body. The sensation of being overstuffed and bloated? That comes with the extra bonus of depression, self-deprecation and loathing. Yeah. Gotta love that. No thank you.

There is a lot of inspiration out there if you want to tap into it. A great many success stories. I want to be one of them. I may not like that I took over a year to get back to this, but I am, in fact, back to this. This weight has got to go! I am keeping both of my chins up and heading to my weigh in tomorrow with great hope. And you will be the first to hear about it. Okay, well maybe not the first, but I will let you know the results. While you are waiting, have a glorious evening. Toodles.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting To See

Chello all! What a busy couple of days this has been! I have stayed on track for a full week. I started blogging again after the start, but I have had so many false starts over the last year or so that I had make sure it was real. And it is. I am back in rare form.

So one week ago, on March 21, was my official "restart" -- motivated in part by my sister's 12 pound loss over the course of a month that included a vacation in AZ. Can you say jealous? Well I can. And I was. And then she told me she called Jenny. As in, Jenny Craig. She joined to make herself accountable. It was a bit pricey, but she thought it was worth it. And then she showed me the little 'extra' they give to their enrollees. It's called BodyMedia. It's a little unit that you wear in an armband on your upper left arm. It tracks the calories you burn, your levels of activity, the time of activity, the efficiency of your sleep and the number of your steps. You sync it online and enter the foods and calories you consume during the course of the day. NOW I was jealous. I wanted one. BAD. And here's the clincher: if I join because of my sis, my cost is 1/2 price. The unit sells retail for $275+, and then you pay a subscription fee. With Jenny, I could have the unit, free subscription, a week's worth of food and accountability for price of the unit. Still super expensive, but I was in.

So off we went to Jenny to get my BodyMedia.... I mean, sign me up. Honestly, I was not interested in the food part of it. I don't want to buy 21 meals and 21 snacks every week. Just give me the little armband thingy and I am fine. Off I go.

And then something interesting happened. I thought it might be good for me to weigh in every week. And then I started to think that since the food for the first week was included, I might try that too. And guess what? The food is really good. It's not Nutrisystems. I have tried that. And there are definitely items I don't like. But there are more that I do. And more than once over the past week I have been starving when I got home, and was thrilled to know that my very low calorie meal was only 4 minutes away. I could get used to that

But I also made one of my Herbalife protein shakes during the week, and realized how much I missed them. YUM! So perhaps I will balance the two, giving in to my need for Jenny Craig Macaroni and Cheese but also indulging in the shakes I love so much. Either way, I am back at 12oo calories.

OH!!!! And my scale ran out of battery. I have rectified that situation, so I'll give you my weight after I get on tomorrow. Busy. Wow, wow, wow. So I'll let you know about my exercise when I come back too.

In the meantime -- notice the email enrollment up in the corner? You can have my blog sent to your email address if you want. Cool beans. God Bless y'all! Sleep tight.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I know. You thought I died. And there have been days over the last year that it would have been easier to have landed that fate, frankly. But alas! I am alive and still very overweight.

It has been almost a full year since I last logged on. I gained back another 12 pounds after that last post, too. But I have made many changes and I am ready to get moving again. I will tell you that it probably wouldn't have been a fun journey during the time I was absent anyway. During that time I hosted a graduation party, we had our famous 4th of July breakfast on the beach (my fave you know), my kids and I moved 250 miles to a new city . . . the list goes on and on. LOTS of big changes. But I am settled again. Mentally for sure. And I'm ready. I am really ready to get busy. My sister was instrumental in my turn-around, as she too is needing to "get going." Not that she's a fatty. Let's just say that people often think we are twins -- something that never happened when I was 135 pounds. So while we are not doing it together, we are sort of doing it together. You with me? I know you get it.

Anyway, I am going to go back through some of my older posts. I want to know where my motivation came from. What kept me on track? What stopped me dead? I was so driven for months. And then it all came apart, but I have never understood why. I have never understood why I wasn't able to hold it together. So that's my goal. To try and figure it out. I let you know what I know.

So . . . . here we go. I'll be back. :)