Monday, February 9, 2009

Day by Day

Hello! Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. I got a little busy. We had company here, and my sister and I spent the day with them. I have to say, I think that the social aspect of life can be a killer for people trying to lose weight. It's really difficult to go out with people because eating is such a big part of the social equation. I thought I did a pretty good job in spite of it, but it's incredible how hard it is. They offered us some fabulous avocado spread with crackers, wine, garbanzo bean salad, shrimp, turkey . . . yummy stuff. Well I had a glass of wine and some of the shrimp and a little avocado spread -- and then simply passed on the rest. But we got home late and by then I was starving. Had a roast beef sandwich with mustard that filled me up fast. I just don't like eating so much at 9:00 at night.

So it was back to the gym today. I worked out over the weekend, but skipped Saturday instead of Sunday. My knees and hips were pretty sore from yesterday so I just did the best I could. I need to keep at it.

Tomorrow morning I'm going ice skating, so I'll have lots to report. Just pray that it's not about a broken ankle or arm or something. lol. By the way -- my weight after the huge scale fiasco last week stayed at 210. I was pretty pleased. I'm not thrilled when I consider how long it's going to take to get the rest off. I hate even thinking about it. And I am still embarrassed at the gym when I go there. Not every time, but enough. I may have my victories but I am still really big. And I get so tired of it. I just want to fast forward to June or July. I also want to say I'm just having a low day. But the truth is, I feel that way alot. So I guess I'm disappointed in myself after all. Disappointed that I got here to begin with. That I didn't take control sooner.

I don't have any answers why. Honestly, I would like to blame the various medications I have taken over the last 5 years. But it isn't just the meds. I know that. I just wish the healing process didn't take so long.

Alright, alright. Enough belly-aching. Tomorrow is another day. Another victory of some kind. And June will be here soon enough. And I plan to be in the 170's by then. I'll get there. But pray for me. I could use it right now. Nothin' to worry about. Just a little extra, you know? And I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. OK! Prayers it is today - served up on a wasa bread - if that's ok! Try Genesis 1:31 for a quick fix. And in the words of Frank Sinatra, may he R.I.P. as I beg his pardon:
    Just what makes that little old ant
    Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
    Anyone knows an ant, can't
    Move a rubber tree plant

    But hes got high hopes, he's got high hopes
    He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

    So any time your gettin low
    stead of lettin go
    Just remember that ant
    Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.

    Some days are diamonds.
    Some days are pearls.
    But together they make a beautiful necklace!

  2. OK, I've been a little busy so I haven't been keeping up on the weight loss. Sounds like there are good days and bad days, that's to be expected. Just make sure to try and minimize the bad days when you don't eat "clean".
    This might have been mentioned but my mom told me about an article in the Pioneer Press in the Life section last week. It had a bunch of tips for weight loss. Here's a few I liked: always keep a packed gym bag at all times, eat from a salad plate instead of a dinner plate, eat slowly (that's mainly for guys), sit when you eat, use mustard instead of mayo, eat fish twice a week, eat your last meal of the day 3 hrs before you go to bed, keeps sliced almonds around for when you need a quick fix, find things you can do with your kids i.e. bike riding, etc.,
    Please keep up the good work, soon it will become a habit (hopefully, haha).