Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chili and Frank

Hey there all! I am up and back at it again today. I intended to apologize for being so depressing yesterday but I changed my mind. You know what? It's part of the process. It is what it is. And although I continue to have fleeting low moments, they always revolve around how much I still have to lose. But I am getting better and better at reminding myself of two critical elements: First, the summer months are going to come around no matter what I do. And they'll be here in the blink of an eye. Second, the weight coming off is a SIDE EFFECT of the changes I am making in my life. Taking better care of myself is a lifestyle change. I don't have any intention of picking up where I left off on January 2nd. I like being able to cross my legs!

I'm not kidding!!! Did I ever mention that one of the added little oddities I have experienced being overweight has been that you can't cross your legs at the knees? Soooo irritating. You wouldn't think so, but it honestly bugs the bajeebers outta me. I can't wait until I don't have to cross my feet at the ankles, or worse yet, keep both feet on the floor. Ugh!!

That said, and moving right along, I want to share my really fun chili story with you. In an effort to have some tasty meal options, I made a pot of chili using ground turkey instead of ground beef. I made up the recipe, and it turned out really good. I tested it on the women in my family, who tested it on their families. Success all around. But here's the fun part: My sister-in-law made a pot of the chili and entered it in a chili cook-off at a cooking store near her home. And guess what? Yep -- first place! HA! Cool beans! Or should I say hot tamale???

I am going to close tonight by posting the recipe here. Also, I want to say thanks again for the great comments! I'm gonna sing myself to sleep . . . me and Franko are buds. :) Goodnight my friends.


Add a small amount of virgin oil in the bottom of a large stock pot (maybe 1/4 cup).
2 pounds ground turkey
Brown the ground turkey as you add the following:
1 medium onion, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1 orange or yellow pepper, chopped
Add 3 cans tomato sauce (I use sauce w/Italian herbs)
2 cans low-sodium stewed tomatoes
3 cans of water (I just use the tomato cans)
Sprinkle the following so it covers the top of the liquid with a light layer:
black pepper
white pepper
garlic powder
Add 1/2 tbsp. salt
1 teaspoon sugar
A short sprinkle of crushed red pepper.
Pour chili powder to create a thick blanket that covers the top of the liquid in the same way as above.
Adjust your spices to your taste, but give it an hour to simmer before you do. Hard to tell otherwise.Stir all of the above and allow to simmer for several hours.
Add two cans drained kidney beans.
Optional: one can drained/rinsed black beans (great protein but extra calories).

Yummmyyyyy! I promise!


  1. Another song my friend: Start singing it while I eat my chili. hmmmm low cal I presume?

    Baby, life's what you make it
    Can't escape it
    Baby, yesterday's favorite
    Don't you hate it
    Everything's all right
    Everything's all right
    Baby, life's what you make it
    Don't backdate it
    Baby, don't try to shake it
    Beauty is naked
    Everything's all right
    Everything's all right
    Baby, life's what you make it
    Celebrate it
    Anticipate it
    Yesterday's faded
    Nothing can change it
    Life's what you make it
    Everything's all right
    Everything's all right

  2. Lil Darlin' you are doing just fine! You met the devil head on and look around! He's not here today is he?
    'Another loser' 10
    Devil .05
    You didn't sound depressed. Weary is all. Energy low! winter blahs.
    You sound like a strong individual and I would worry if you were unrealistic. You faced a bad day and won. Now.... About crossing your legs.So you don't like to cross your legs at the ankles. Put a little mark on your leg with - LOL - a black marker, a small mark, just for your eyes. Watch it stay there as your other ankle slowly moves away from it. Soon you will be more comfortable. Lionel Ritchie will be your new tune to sing "She's A Lady". We know that. Now let the world know that. Let you inner beauty emerge. We see it in your writing. This little journal lets us all see it. We suffer with you. We rejoice with you. We pray with and for you. We are your friends. We care.