Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yes, it really says 206! I am so, so, so happy! Seems like just last week I was complaining about 210. Oh that's right, it was just last week!!! Hahaha. But let me tell you honestly, I cannot wait to get out of "twoderville" and into "one-derland" again. It's been such a long time. Well, maybe not a looooonnnnngggg time, but it's been over a year and 1/2 for sure. I am so very, very tired of scale digits that start with the number 2.

My goal is to make to one-derland by the second week in March. Of course, the only way that's possible is if I get my hiney exercising like mad. So I guess that's what I will have to do. Now where did I put that motivation?????

Meanwhile, I am still wearing the same, horrible, humongous size 18 jeans. Oh yea, they're looser. Maybe even a smidgen big. Not big enough to drop to the next size, unfortunately. The majority of my weight seems to be coming off of my upper body. So each day I'm looking more and more like - yep - Marilyn Monroe. Lucky me! Really. Her shape is very similar to where I am headed. If I'm not mistaken, she was a size 12 or so - by 50 year old standards anyway. Interesting how her shape is probably considered chunky by current standards. Me and Marilyn. Chunky buds. Who would have thought it?

The thing is, if I want the great CURVES she has, as opposed to the blob look that I'm currently sporting, my exercise will have to focus on those trouble spots that I call thighs. And if I can hone in on those, I can drop down a pants size. And then I can get rid of those size 18 jeans forever -- which of course frees up a ton of space in my closet because those jeans are made of ALOT of material. They're huuuuuuuggggggeeeeee! lol. Then maybe I'll pick up one of those cute little white dresses and stand over a street vent!!!

The gym, the gym, the gym. Does it seem to you that I always come back to the same stumbling block? Yea, me too. I must have some mental issue with this. I'll have to really ponder this if I want to overcome my aversion to sweating my butt off and working my muscles to the point of fatigue. What's my real problem with being sore and achey? I'll figure it out and let you know! :)

Until I do, I'll just keep pushing. And pulling. And posting. I'm off to bed. Sleep tight everyone!


  1. Sugar - Keep at it! You done good! Did you know weight is gained fronm the bottom up? You probably noticed that! And lost from the top down! Like an elevator. I bet your beautiful face is nice and thin! That's because you can let the world know what's going on by your happy or sad face. Your happy thin face lets your buddies know your weight has left the top floor and is headed down!You and Marilyn and Jessica Simpson! Beauties! Keep smilin' sugar - I can see it in your post. I like your style for exercise. A little bit of everything aerobic for a total package workout. Ask yourself if you would go to the gym if you were a size 8 and wore cute lycra outfits?
    The gym can be a dark place for somepeople where you feel pretty vulnerable - almost like exposing your inner psyche. Do what makes you feel good!