Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well let me start by apologizing for not posting yesterday. Believe it or not, it completely slipped my mind! I know, I know. The obsessive, dieting blogger forgot to post. I made the mistake of starting a book late yesterday afternoon and, well, finished about 3:00 in the morning. Twilight. A teen vampire/love story. Interesting read, but I'm definitely not going to read the other 3 in the series. The first was plenty, and I need to get busy with other things . . . like helping my mother. Which I plan to do. I promise, mom!!

Anyway, I want to report that after my miserable day I got back on the scale. Much to my surprise there was no change at all. I was the same. I was very grateful, to say the least. And so, I started again. Well, I kept going, if I want to be accurate. I did what I have been doing since the beginning of January. Watching calories. I laughed at myself for the funny choices I made on Thursday. I mean, an extra cup of Kashi Lean cereal???? Regular soy milk instead of light soy milk??? Oooohhhh! That's just craziness!!! What was I thinking???? lol.

My body had pretty much recovered from skating by yesterday, but I had a terrible blister on my left bunion. It ripped and was really sore, so I ended up in slippers all day Friday -- even at my regular Friday lunch with the gals. No treadmill. (I know, I know. It was sad for me, too). So I ate smart and I'm back in good shape emotionally. I have to take a look at my knee-jerk reactions and see if I can't modify them in some way. You know, channel that energy and anger and frustration. Maybe I should take up boxing (an anonymous someone gave me that idea) and get one of those bags that hang from the ceiling. What are they called again?

Oh well, it doesn't matter. I will work it out and post as I do. In the meantime, just a little tidbit. See the candy up there in the corner? Each of those little bad boys is approximately 210 calories. No kidding!! I can't imagine what must be in a truffle. Yikes! As for me, my valentine treat to myself is to have a late post-game dinner with a bunch of hockey players. The restaurant has lots of great choices, so I should be fine. If all else fails, there's salad!

Thank you, thank you for keeping good track of me. I don't intend to let any of us down. And God is very good to me, even when I'm not so good to Him. And I trust Him to take me the rest of the way on this journey, and you too, for that matter. I think He really likes us. :)

P.S. to Galyn: Thanks honey. You are such a great friend. And you reminded me that yes, I do have my measurements. Not quite ready to share THOSE, but maybe sometime soon -- like June or something! Hahaha.

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