Thursday, January 8, 2009


I really don't know why I am always amazed by God's faithfulness. I can be wretched and spoiled and nasty and UNfaithful, and He just hangs in there and keeps on giving. And He gives when I least expect it and when I least deserve it. So it was today.
Everything went well today. It's such a rare occurrence, I could hardly believe it. For starters, my weight was down yet one more 1/2 pound. Thrilling. Nothing compares to that feeling. After that, it was all good. Turns out being intimately involved with the Blizzard has some unexpected perks. For instance, a FREEEEE membership at Anytime Fitness. Oh ya! Now that's what I'm talking about! Seriously. Sponsorship is a beautiful thing. Yes it is.

So I got in there today. I walked my 2 miles without a hitch. Actually, I walked 2.25, and then got on the stationary bike for another 1.5 miles. What a difference. I would never have thought it would make such a difference.

And my food intake? Great. Just great. And just so you know, the apple fries at Burger King are an excellent alternative to regular fries. They taste super fresh -- not like they're loaded with additives.

I had one of those lo-cal frozen meals for dinner. Michelina's lasagna. It was the best I've had in terms of frozen diet food. I could easily do that again. And here I am at the end of the day with a reserve of about 300 calories. I'm going to have some yogurt before I go to bed and call it good.

That's it today. The whole sha-bang. So I'll sign off with a big "THANK YOU JESUS, for such a great day!! Thanks for my continued success on the scale. And please help anyone who is struggling to be successful with their weight loss and fitness program (just don't forget about me) :) You're the bomb Lord."

P.S. To Woody's Mom: Thanks for the pool info. I still plan to make that part of the program! :)


  1. OMG, girl! You are such an inspiration!! So is my mom. She is a diet Queen. Don't know quite yet if that is a good thing or not. What I do trust is that she knows dieting. She swears by this: Eat celery! She says digesting celery burns more calories than you have consumed by eating the celery. So, I eat celery along with a bit of cheese (string cheese is my fav) or a hard boiled egg, or just salt. Winter seems to be celery season, IMO. It's sweeter now than at other times. You increase your fiber, and it is filling. GO GIRL!!

  2. First of all everybody who posts comments on here should know that you are a great, great person no matter what. What you're doing is good.
    OK, as you know I don't claim to be the smartest person in the room ...ever. But I like to think I know a little about hockey, eating healthy, and working out. So after reading your last few posts this is what I got for ya.
    -The celery thing is good, one it's good for you and two it has water in it. Which helps fill you up. When I have too many adult beverages the night before the next day I'll try and eat a little less. Having an apple with a bottle of water gets me filled up.
    -I'm not a big fan of starving yourself or only eating once or twice a day. Make sure to start off your morning with something (healthy). It gets your metabolism going. Even if it something small like yogurt. Also try and have 3-5 small meals a day. It keeps your blood sugar steady so you don't feel starved.
    -Try and find somebody to walk with. That way if you make plans to walk it's tougher to cancel. Guilt is a great motivator.
    -I don't know if weighing yourself everyday it smart. A lot is water weight change from day to day. Maybe once a week is better. If you are looking for motivation, take a picture of yourself (in a bathing suit or something)now and keep it in the bathroom mirror or by your bed so that you see it everyday.
    I'll think of more, about to jump on the bus. Your head is right as far as there are no short cuts and it take smart eating habits along with working out. There are probably a ton of spelling errors, but that's why you are a proof reader. OK I gotta go.