Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scale Withdrawal

Okay so getting on the scale everyday is a heavy duty addiction for me. I didn't get on it today but boy did I want to!!! And then I got a GREAT email about choosing the right day for weekly weigh-ins. The recommendation was to weigh in on Fridays, since Mondays follow what are very often tough weekends. I agree, and have decided to go ahead and weigh myself on Friday. Whew! Decisions, decisions.

Another excellent day for exercise. I got on the treadmill for an hour, then swam laps for about 15 minutes. Not a long time, just a little supplement. It gives a twist to my day. But the treadmill time went by really fast, which of course I love. Who doesn't? And I remembered to have a small towel with me on the treadmill this time.

Can someone tell me why is it that some people sweat more than others? I mean, seriously! I'm on the treadmill, no incline, not a particularly fast speed (the calorie counter on my iphone calls it "brisk"). On one side of me is Malibu Barbie and on the other is Marine Corp Ken. In between them is me, sweating like a stuffed pig in a roaster. Barbie's every hair is in place. Cute little matching ensemble. Size 6. She's running, and she's not sweating. Perfect. And Ken, he's not really sweating either, although I don't give him more than a prolonged glance. God knows I don't need to add "impure thoughts" to my roster of sins-- least of all when I look like I'm about the be the hospital's next heart patient. I simply notice Ken "glistens" in his Champion shorts and wife-beater tee shirt. But I'm sweating. And my face is pink. Not blushing pink. It's bright, bright, "is she okay?" pink. It's always been this way. Even when I was 115 pounds. You know, like three decades ago? Soooo unfair. And it's not like I can set a goal to stop sweating. Dang!

So I guess I'll just keep working on my diet and exercise goals. Yeah. Good idea. And my diet was good today. I love protein shakes! There's a little shop in my town called "Let's Shake" that serves protein shakes and fat-burning herbal tea. The shakes are 24g of protein and they're awesome! They're going to be seeing my big pink face almost everyday. And then it's lo-cal, filling food. It's good. It's all good.

So there it is my friends. Hump day. God Bless you all real good! Stay warm. Brrrrr.......

P.S. to my bro: I love the advice! You did it first, and I'm going to follow. ♥ You're my inspiration!


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  2. You are a wiz bang razzle - dazzle wonder!
    Did you not know you too are a Barbie under your little fat coat? At 31 below zero at leastI bet you are warm! Protein it is! Keep shaking!

  3. Vous êtes un grand biscuit ! Suivez juste la route jaune de brique pour là n'est aucun endroit comme être à la maison - et à la maison est où votre coeur est profond à l'intérieur de votre bel individu.

  4. Water! Drink water! If your body is pouring off sweat, think of it as fat melting! And if you get dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down, taking more steps per calorie! You don't want that in the middle of a work-out do you? WATER!!!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    O.K. I need to start working out too. I am so happy that you are swimming. I remember taking up swimming at a gym and thought I would die after the first lap I did. But, in a few weeks I was doing laps for 45 mins. Keep going girl!