Friday, January 23, 2009


Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! Did you check that number? 215! Down another few and I am sooooo happy! I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I was getting so anxious, particularly because I hadn't gotten on the treadmill all week, that I finally just jumped on the scale yesterday. I couldn't STAND it anymore. I know, I know. Can you spell "addiction." Hahaha. But, I am glad I got on. It made me feel a lot better. Not good enough to get on the treadmill, mind you. But I felt better.

So I was really pretty busy all day yesterday and finally got to bed about 1:45 in the morning. I try to get to bed much earlier, but it wasn't to be last night. Anyway, I was laying in bed and suddenly I got a creeping, icky feeling. Panic. Oh no!!! What if my weight today was just a fluke? Maybe tomorrow I am suddenly going to be 5 pounds heavier. Oh no, oh nooooo!! Toss and turn. Well, I HAVE to get that scale again tomorrow. Toss, turn. Toss, turn. And then I finally off to sleep. Until 8:15 a.m. Yoooo hooooo! When the mama oversleeps the whole house oversleeps. I LEAPT out of bed. . . . and of course ran straight to the scale. SAME! YES! Thank you Jesus! Who cares if everyone overslept???? I'm down 9 pounds in three weeks! God is good! :)

Then I was busy again today, and again didn't get on the treadmill. So, after having given this very grave situation some serious thought, I have decided that perhaps I pushed myself a little too quickly into an hour+ exercise routine 6x each week. I don't look forward to that time right now (obvi). So I have decided to back off and commit to 30 minutes each day of cardio. I am going to try to add in the weight machines 3x per week, but until I have a really strong HABIT of exercise, I am not going to beat myself up if I don't get to that.

I have another big weekend coming up, but I'm very comfortable and definitely ready. At this point I am so far into calorie counting, it's becoming second nature. In the three weeks since I started this program, the highest calorie count I've had for any single day was 1700 -- and that was only one day. The other days have been 1375 or less. And I am reeeaaaallly good at counting calories. I know the counts for everything and can break down or calculate as necessary. I love that about me. lol.

Well that's my spectacular status as I head into the weekend. I've had a tough couple of days emotionally, but I am grateful for any good things that come my way -- especially if it revolves around my current weight loss compulsion. Hee hee. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be back!

P.S. to Peter Pan: THANK YOU! That really does help! Actually, I feel kind of motivated. Maybe I'll get on that thing yet tonight!


  1. Lisa, Maybe try looking at this situation a little differently. What you are doing is obsessing over the DIET. If you look at this as a life style change rather then dieting, that may help you with the obsessive behavior over the scale and working out. I started working out every other day and then worked my way up. If I didn't get to work out say on Monday then I decided tuesday I would have NO excuses even if I have to get up earlier before I go into work. I really do enjoy working out. Although I do work out at an older adult workout area which is SO much less intimidating until an 85 year old lady comes next to you and outdoes your weights. (long story) If you want someone to work out with call me. And don't worry you are doing great and the only one you have to please is yourself (and God)

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