Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well for pete's sake! After all of my whining and complaining yesterday, I ended up 1 1/2 pounds down. Praise God! Makes me sooooo thankful I got on that treadmill after all. What a reward! Yay me!

Had a better day today. That treadmill is still giving me a bit of a struggle, but I think the location might be a problem. It's in the garage and I am staring at absolutely nothing. I brought my ipod out there, and even tried watching a movie on my computer. Still boring. But I refuse to let boredom from the "scenery" be the cause of my failure. So, I am either going to move it or find somewhere else to walk. In the meantime, struggle struggle. The great news is I had a friend over who said "just get out there and give me one mile." Once I was out there, I gave myself the second one.

It is only by watching the calories and exercising that this weight is going to come off. The exercise is not optional. It isn't a trick or a game or a gimmick. No exercise, no lower sizes. Sure I can cut my calories down more, but that will surely mean failure. I can't go day after day after day eating 500 or 600 calories. And even if I could-- "hello flabbola." The laws of nature are going against me already because of my age. I can't sabatoge myself over two miles. And frankly, I'm sick of the gimmicks out there. I just want to do this already.

I'm going to work up to more exercise, but I know me. I need to go slowly. Plus, my hips are a teeny bit sore, and so are my knees. I know it will get easier as I go. Every one pound of weight adds 3-4 pounds of pressure to the joints. So the more I lose, the less stress it will be on my joints. That also means I have alleviated almost 20 pounds of pressure from my hip and knee joints this week alone.

It was a pretty good day for my food intake. I used up 125o calories, but I feel okay with that. I made a really good protein shake for lunch. Skim milk, nonfat yogurt, protein powder and a banana. 350 calories but it was excellent. So worth it. And I was full!

Tomorrow, it's 1200 calories and two miles, and another 4 inches of snow. Be safe everyone, and God bless.

P.S. If you haven't read any comments yet, your really should. I got a GREAT one yesterday about going to bed hungry. It makes me feel better.

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