Wednesday, January 28, 2009

215 . . . Still!!

Hello, hello!!! I know you probably thought I died or gave up or something, but nope! I am hanging in there and plugging along.

I had an extremely long weekend -- and I mean long! But it was wonderful, and I have emerged victorious in many ways beyond maintaining my weight! Every year I get together with my mother, sister, and 6 sisters-in-law and we "retreat." It's an incomparable few days of prayer and reflection, sharing and spiritual growth. And this year was no different on that note.

However, we also spend the weekend eating, drinking wine, eating and avoiding pretty much ANY kind of physical activity. And this year was no different on that note either. Except for this: I asked everyone in advance to try and keep the meals on a healthier level. And they did. And I did!!!!

It wasn't like there was nothing sweet, or tempting or filled with fat. But that type of food was not the majority. And I can tell you that despite the snacks and some of the higher carb foods, I did an amazing job sticking to my program! I didn't eat the crust on my breakfast quiche; I had yogurt instead of chocolate cake at the end of the day; I chose 100 calorie snacks and avoided the chocolate pretzels. My toughest day was yesterday. We had quiche for breakfast, paninis for lunch and "salad bar" for dinner. It just came down to having too many calories in one day. The paninis and the salad were too much -- just too much.

So here I am, a week later and my weight is the same. But I am really proud of myself because I didn't throw the whole program out the window. I didn't exercise, and that is really hurting my progress. But I did a good job on the food, especially in light how much was available to me. And I just have to get back on the horse and keep riding. And that means the gym. It just has to happen.

And there it is. My week in a nutshell. I know you've missed me, but I don't have any time away coming up anytime soon. So I will be here, reporting my progress, day after day, until I drive you nuts. :)

In the meantime - I'm starting again tomorrow like I started on January 2nd. And its going to be good. I promise. SO I'll see you tomorrow! I'm gonna go make myself a protein shake.
Y'all sleep tight. And may the angels watch over you while you do.

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