Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scared to Death

Tomorrow I get to climb on the scale again. I am scared to death. I know I shouldn't be. I am doing a good job. But if I am not 217 or lower I'm going to be really disappointed. And I'm going to have to remind myself of 50 different reasons why I shouldn't let it ruin my day. Ugh!

I have a big weekend ahead of me. I have a lunch at a great Italian restaurant on Saturday and then a hockey game on Saturday night. Not exactly lo-cal environments. But I have tried to plan ahead. I'm traveling with everything I need to make a protein shake, plus some fruit and yogurt. I have also packed small baggies with pre-measured snacks to put in "that luggage that I call a purse." Hahaha. My worry is not that I'll WANT to eat something unhealthy, it's that there won't be an alternative. Hence, the snacks. But I think that all too often their aren't alternatives. And puleeeze don't tell me to order a salad.

Salads that restaurants offer can have tons calories. A chef salad, for example, can have up to 800 calories in the added meat, eggs, veggies and cheese. A cobb salad close to the same. Unless it's just the lettuce and veggies, it's more calories than a sandwich. And I cannot tolerate lo-cal dressing. I think it's easier to ask for it on the side and just dip each bite. You use about 1/4 of the dressing you would if you poured it right on the salad. So, I have to really watch it.

My exercise today was good -- although I didn't get to it until almost 8 pm. Note to self: When you go to the gym at night, be prepared to stare at your reflection the whole time. There's no looking out the windows at that time of day! Anyway, I got on the treadmill for an hour, then did my weights. I watched the Wild hockey game as I walked, which really made the time go fast. Saw my sister and law and her son on TV. That was fun too! And there weren't very many people there, so I wasn't terribly embarrassed when I spontaneously flung my arms in air when the Wild scored, sending my ipod flying through the air and onto the floor behind me. lol.

And that's today. So I'll sign off by saying "Thank you, Lord, for the great things you give me. Your a great friend! And Bless My friends and supporters too please, Lord. Thanks!"

P.S. to Mon Ami: Merci de vos mots aimables. J'espère qu'un jour bientôt je serai beaux intérieur et extérieur !


  1. You know, there are good times and there are hard times. And times don't always go as planned. Eating out is the worst!! Lunch will go OK. The evening is the tough call. More food. Less reserves. Fewer choices. First: Don't sit by the food. Sit down in front and watch the game. If you need something to eat - ask sonmeone else you trust to go get it for you. Someone you know who won't load you up with calories. Ask someone else to get you water so you can fill up and then you don't have to face the demons by the food. Involve someone else in your choices who will help you. And if all else fails, say out loud to someone else "I think I'm going to get a ......" whatever it is that is tempting you. Maybe that will stop you in your tracks when you verbalize it to someone else and say it out loud. Good Luck. You'll be ok. It's when you are NOT prepeared that things go wrong. And remember if you feel you are too deprived that is when things will wrong. A bowl of pop corn, and those are very small bowls, is OK. We have a tendancy to punish ourselves with food when we are mad at ourselves and reward ourselves with food when we are proud of ourselves. Find the middle road.

    Regarding this week-end.
    Sometimes self denial can lead to over indulgence, a condition that is very easily justified. Which in turn can bring on the "what's the use syndrome". It might not hurt to allow yourself a trival reward, maybe even predetermined by you. Something good to savor but not necessarily sinful - like a chocolate covered strawberry.

  3. So, while you are at the hockey game, walk all the way down the stairs to the ice and then back up again. Do this before the game starts and between the two periods. Then you won't feel so guilty if you let yourself eat a few items that you wouldn't allow yourself to eat. And I guarantee that on the way up the stairs, you'll feel the muscle burn that comes with increasing your metabolism over time!!

  4. Lisa, each day gets a little easier with the exercise. Yes, you will sweat a lot in the beginning, when you notice you are not sweating that usually means you should up your reps or time or resistance. At least that is what my trainer told me (but he is mean and cruel and makes me really work) I think you are doing a great job, keep up the good work. Also when i was doing weight watchers they said, you can keep your calories lower for the week and save some, if you know there is a big weekend coming up. For example if you have a 1500 calorie diet then use 1300 daily and that will leave you an extra 1400 calories at the end of the week and you can still lose weight. negative 200 calories a day X 7 days. I don't know, when I was able to diet, weight watchers really worked for me but that is more of a point system and really helps you keep track of exactly what you are eating.