Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Almost Friday

It's Wednesday already, and I STILL haven't gotten on my treadmill this week. I fully intended to walk this morning, but ended up with a killer headache so I headed back home. After that, I came up with pretty much every possible excuse I could think of to keep from doing what I needed to do -- exercise!!! I reeeaaaaallly need to get over this little rebellious streak going on in my head. I can't lose weight without it. I KNOW that. So what in the heck is wrong with me??????? I need to get back to it and stick with it.

Thankfully I am still in really good shape for my calorie counts. As I said, I bumped my intake to 1375. Makes me quite nervous for Friday, but I know it's what I need to do.

I have been paying greater attention to the TYPE of foods I am eating. I really didn't think I would ever take the time to do that, but since I'm already obsessed with this whole process, I thought I would go ahead and try to eat some healthier foods. So, I am looking at trying to eat at least 90g of protein, 3 fruit servings and three vegetable servings each day. I allow myself a little bread because that's one of my best food friends -- but I try sticking to multigrain. I get some of my fruit in my protein shakes and I supplement my veggies by drinking V8 to make sure I'm covered.

By the way, I found an outstanding website for tracking calories. I started using it on Monday and I really like it. If I use my iphone application to track them away from home, I enter it in when I get home. It's wonderful!!! It's Check it out!

Tomorrow I'm off on a day trip with a friend, so please pray for me through the course of your day. I have to get the motivation to keep up the exercise. It's just not going to work if I don't get a grip here!!! Sheesh!

So tonight I close with an earnest request: "Lord, please get my hiney on that exercise plan tomorrow. I need the grace to get motivated and stay motivated. Keep my guardian angel close on my heels and buggin, buggin, buggin me! Perhaps one day soon, my body will be the temple you intended it to be. G'night Lord."

And g'night to all of you! I'll be back tomorrow!

P.S. to jz: Maybe you should move back here and be my trainer!!! Hahaha! You always have great advice - thanks!

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  1. Let me tell you what happened to me while losing weight. I too was exercising, buy walking 3-4 miles a day. I got called to jury duty and missed over 7 days of exercise. And didn't miss it too much either. When I started again for some reason it was easier. It seemed to me I just sailed throught it.I still can't understand it. But the break seemed to help. I hope that is the case with you. Friday I am going to hold you accountable for your actions. Peter Pan