Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

So apparently I do NOT know about all things "fat." I thought I was familiar with every possible term- cute, derogatory or otherwise. But I learned a new one today. Incredible. Can you say "muffin top"? I am absolutely stunned that I have never heard that term. Strangely enough, my sis-in-law asked me over the weekend whether I knew what it meant. So when it showed up again in a comment yesterday, I googled it. And here it is: muffin tops are the rolls of fat that blob over pants or shorts that are too tight at the waistband, or stick out between the waistband and a shirt that exposes the middriff. The billowing effect looks like the top of a muffin. Voila! Is that hysterical???? Oh yea -- I know the muffin man. He used to live in my closet! Hahaha!

Alright with that little piece of trivia out of the way we can move on to more important things. Like the fact that I was down to 181.8 this morning. I seriously almost fainted. I don't think I have done the bathroom scale dance for a looong time, but I was so shocked to see such a low number, I did it this morning. And then the joy, joy, joy set in. Woohoo!!!!

I didn't work out at all yesterday. I was whipped and had one of my horrible headaches. My morning walking partner couldn't get out this morning, and although we planned to meet later in the day, I didn't feel super, so I slept a bit and passed. And then the guilt set in. So I ended up heading to the gym at the end of the day. I hopped on the treadmill and after 1/10 of a mile started to run. One mile passed, I felt great. Two miles, great. Three miles, sweaty but great. I could have gone on and on, but I HAD to get off to get little people home. Booooo! I used to run quite a bit, but always seemed to tire quickly. It was the furthest I have run - ever. And the euphoric feeling it gave me was incomparable.

To make matters even better, there was a guy running next to me. Probably about my age. And while my face was beat red, my hair soaked and my face and chest were all sweaty, THAT guy looked like he had just been hosed down. He was completely covered in sweat. lol. Not marine-corp-Ken with glistening skin. We're talking soaking wet. I've seen my sweaty match I guess!!!!

Lots going on today. Lots of good stuff. I am just happy, happy, happy. And of course, I am still motivated. So it's back to walking tomorrow. And of course I'm still hoping to get on my bike this week. Really.

Alright my dear friends, God Bless you, God Bless you. Sleep peacefully and well. And I be back later this week.


  1. Congrats! Impressive. When you least expect it!
    But are most deserving

    Oh Happy day! Oh Happy Day!
    When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
    When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
    My fat away! (My fat away!)
    Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act

    Actually she sang
    "washed my sisns away" but I like this better

  2. Something interestig is going on here.
    I see the word Euphoria!
    But it's not connected to food.
    Or pills/drugs.
    Or anything tangible that you have or have received.

    It's Euphoria over yourself - your accomplishments - your hard work. It almost sounds like the runners high we hear about! Could it be?
    You are becomming addicted to feeling good -
    To, gulp, exercise
    Wholesome food?
    Are you loving yourself?
    We read about this feeling.
    We hope it's real.
    We hope it willl happen to us.
    HEY! Maybe there is a job somewhere in this for you. Helping other addicted sorrowful helpless people feel good about themselves. I know it's working for me! Keep smiling.

  3. It was inevitable that someone would gather up all these trms. Just why did it have to ne me!!!

    These terms or phrases to describe a persons body should be banned from our vocabularies. Here's a list:

    Big Boned
    Tractor Seat
    Turkey Neck
    Saddle Bags
    Kankles (calves that turn into ankles that turn feet-no stoping)
    Love Handles
    Moobies (breast on a male cow)
    Budda Belly
    amd your new one -

    How many more can you think of tp ban?