Monday, May 4, 2009


I am so, so, soooo tired. Last week was pretty drama-filled, and I had hoped it was over. But alas, it begins again. I know life is cyclical. Ups, downs, circles. And I am obviously on a low cycle. The kind where everything goes wrong. Not a Murphy's law kind of wrong. I'm talking about the stressful stuff that you can't control, or fix. The same stuff that makes every carb you eat go straight to your rear-end or hips and stick there. The kind that keeps the weight from coming off. The kind that makes you rationalize that the bread and chocolate you're stuffing into your mouth are healthy. Yep. That kind.

Interesting how stress can sabotage weight loss. I don't know exactly how it works with hormones in the body. I just know it makes a difference. And here's the answer: I have to either get rid of the stress altogether, or try and work off the stress through exercise. Since the former is not possible, the latter has to be my course of action. And I've been doing okay with that.

I walked 5 1/2 miles on Friday and swam Friday night. I walked 3 miles on the bike trail Saturday morning, then another 2 through the course of the day. Yesterday was my day of rest, and I needed it because my left knee has been giving me a little trouble. Today I got in another 6 miles. Yay for me! Awesome, right? WRONG!!! My body clung to weight over the weekend. I ate a little too much I suppose. I split a burger and had some nachos on Saturday night. And Sunday I probably had a few too many pretzels. I just don't believe it was enough to make me GAIN. And that's exactly what happened. I gained a pound.

I am sure you can imagine the scene in my bathroom this morning. Get on the scale. Get off. No way. Get on. And then slowly a blood-curdling scream forms in the pit of my stomach, makes its way slowly up my windpipe and hurls out from the back of my throat. Arrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!! I'm in the 90's again!!!!!! Okay. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And then . . . I had to get my head together.

I spent the whole day telling myself it would be okay. My head says one thing, my emotions another. And I'm tired. And I get pelted throughout the day with more stresses that I can't control. But here I am, at the end of the day, and I finally have some peace. Pick myself up by the bootstraps and keep on. Stick with it. Stay the course. And it's going to be fine. And thank God for the progress I have made so far. And pray that this time is just a blip. A weird sort of plateau. And I will keep praying. Praying for peace, for relief from the stressors, for strength to deal with them, and for continued success in losing weight. And if you happen to be saying prayers yourself, would you mind putting an extra one out there for me? I could use it.



  1. Here is my FREE take on this:
    And that by the way is what it is probably worth.

    But in life there are some times and things we only get one chance at.
    One soul mate
    One span in time when we are youthful, strong, toned and beautiful.
    Like the young man in the Gospel who met Jesus and said he did all the right things except he couldn't give away his money/posessions.
    He MISSED his chance.
    Stress will ALWAYS be there.
    This opportunity may not.

    This is your chance to lose weight. Next year it may not work for you. Last year it didn't work for you. The time is NOW! Don't get caught up in pretzels and tacos. They are just sponges in your body. This time IS just a blip. You are right - a plateau! Don't waste energy over it. If YOU know you are doing all right that is all that matters. And kick that damn scale for us!

  2. Whoever you are, I love you. Wanna come and live in my bathroom? :)

  3. SWEETHEART!!!!!
    Losing weight is like having a baby. It is fun being pregnant at first. New things to do, new way of looking at things. Pride with your accomplishment>.

    BUT: by the 9th month you are sick of it. Ever day you think you are going to die. Everything seems not worth it. You feel ugly. The world looks ugly. You are fed up. Each day you wake up and hope this is the end.

    But guess what? When baby comes, all the suffering is over (kind of). And it's worth all the pain and suffering. And you forget how hard it was. You bask in the glory of your good work.


  4. OK OK already --- you have some stress in your life -- who doesn't. Name one person or friend of yours who has no stress whether it be money,kids, husband, boyfriend, what is important here is recognizing that God gives you what can handle and what he gave you someone else may not be able to handle at all. Praise God for the small things in life and finally praise God for the discipline YOU have taught all of us. Your self control through all your ups/downs/plateaus is exemplary and it shows through your consistent weight loss. Your blog has helped me keep on track and you have no idea my stresses (because if you did you would feel guilty right now) has affected my weight loss efforts. So thank you to you "big loser."

  5. Wait a minute! Hold on here friends! I as in
    I I I
    have the most stress
    and just t prove it
    I'M GAINING WEIGHT! So there!

  6. Quote to live by:
    "Discouragement is the enemy of your perseverance. If you don't fight discouragement, you will become pessimistic first and lukewarm afterwards. Be an optimist." - St. Josemaria Escriva

  7. Perseverance and Constancy!