Monday, May 25, 2009


That's what I am making. Circles. For the last several months it seems. I lose a little, eat, gain a little. And of course this holiday weekend was no different. I hit my 185 last week. Over the weekend I got down to 183.8. I was in heaven! I had tons of family visiting and all of them were up to walking. So walk we did. We walked in the morning, averaging about 4 miles. Then again in the evening, about 2.5 miles. We focused more on content in the evenings though. We hit the stairs and the hills big time! Huffin' and puffin' for about 40 minutes.

By yesterday - you know, my usual day of rest - I was exhausted. We walked 4 miles in the morning, but my legs were dead tired. And then we had the typical Memorial Weekend family food - hamburgers, hotdogs, salad, chips, fruit. And ice-cream. Yea. Yummy, creamy ice-cream. With strawberries or brownies or whatever.

Now I am not one who gives in to temptation much anymore. I have singular days where I look for sweets and throw the whole plan out the window. They're getting fewer and further between, but I still have them. And of course yesterday I fell right in. I had the salad and veggies and organic hot dogs at 70 calories each. GREAT stuff. If I had walked away I would have been just fine. Sadly, someone has to clean up. And the longer I was there, the better it looked. And I ate vanilla ice-cream with strawberries. Worse, I went back later for a butter pecan ice-cream cone. NOT good. I was back up to 185 today. Expected that or worse, so I am okay.

Got up and walked this morning - about 3 miles in some seriously windy weather. I am tired today. I have a sugar hangover, but I don't feel too terrible. I am going to have days like this the rest of my life. I just have to keep coming back to "normal" when I do. Normal has to be the healthy food and exercise that I have begun. And right now it is. So I'm okay. Besides, I am down 4o pounds from where I started. 40. That's amazing. I lifted a 40 lb. bag of water softener salt and could hardly hold it up - and yet I lugged that same weight for almost 3 years. Eee gadz!!! So that's me in corner there. Hah!

I have a busy week again this week. It will keep me on my feet and keep my focused. I would LOVE to see the 170's soon. What a great milestone that will be for me. In the meantime, you all keep praying for me, and I'll pray for you. And I'll keep losing and walking and walking and losing. Oh! And I hope to get on my bike this week too (still haven't done that yet)!

There it is folks. Have a beautiful day!


  1. I'm impressed with your positive attitude. ANd I don't see any muffin sticking out under your shirt. lookin' good!

  2. Where is your Saint Of The Day today?

    Of all days! St. Phillip Neri -
    the Happy Saint!!! I think he was with you the past few days because your post sounded so up beat and joyful and optimistic. Say hello to him from us and thank him for his steady influence on you over the holiday.