Friday, May 1, 2009


Dang, I LOVE a good number on the scale in the morning! Oh sure, I wish it had come a week sooner, but it's May 1st and I am below 190. Yahoo! I am thrilled. And I can't wait to keep backing down.

Interesting how certain numbers stick in my mind from when I was gaining weight. 167 and 186 are two big ones. After that it's 204, 211, and then . . . well, you get the picture. So 186 is a huge milestone. It seems to me that I was at that number for quite a while. It also seems to me that I went from 167 to 186 within four months. Pretty scary. And for whatever reason, I feel as though my weight loss will suddenly take on a new level of legitimacy when I get below that number. Silly, I know.

You know what else? I am pretty patient for the most part, but I wish, I wish, I wish the weight would come off sooner. I realize it's coming off pretty fast -- 35 pounds in 4 months. But part of me wants to fast forward to July and be another 20 pounds lighter. I have to really "busta move" to do it, but I want to shoot for 10 pounds of loss in May and 10 pounds in June. I'm going to have to kick it into high gear to do this, but I honestly think it's possible. And I may not be able to wear a bikini like Valeri Bertinelli or the two lovely ladies shown here, but that's never been my goal anyway. I just want to be in a lower range. Hah! Don't we all? :) In the meantime . . .

I walk, walk, walked this morning. 5 miles. I got in a total of 8 miles total today. Then I swam for an hour. Add to that my spectacular less than 1300 calorie day and I am sitting pretty. WITH my legs crossed, I might add. A definite perk when you come from a weight that makes crossing your legs practically impossible.

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice. I am so anxious to get on my bike I can hardly stand it. So maybe this weekend. Walking for sure, maybe a swim too. So if I can keep my eating under control then I am right as rain. Yes I am. Right as rain. Whatever that means. lol.

Well that's my story today gang. Hope you are all skinnier on this lovely Friday than you were a week ago. Hang in there with me. We're getting there. And have a great weekend.


  1. Aren't we a riot! With numbers! We don't need a name - just a number. We ask each other Our age, the weight we were when we got married,the number of kids we had or the number of times we've been married. How about what a baby weighed upon delivery, the size of our boobs or the numbers of your measurments in general. Forget about the number concerning how many good friends we have, the number of promotions we have had, even the fact that lil baby we had weighing 6 lbs\ but WE GAINED 60lbs. And especially don't worry aboutthe number on the tag of our 'jeans' - whatever style we prefer, even forget counting the number of times we - well never mind! I don't think YOU do these things. But generally women do! I think we have been brianwashed into thinking we are a number on a spread (pardon the pun) sheet and our stats are all that matter. Honey, you are a whole living and breathing person, not a depository of odd statstitics. If I am lucky enought to meet you someday I'm looking into your eyes and to the window of your soul and I will know I will see a healed person who loves herself. If numbers really matter, start focusing on the number of times you pass up a latte, or the number of cslories you have turned down today. Or beter yet the number of times you thought good thoughts about what you weigh today, not the number of times you are thinking about what you are going to weigh tomorrow, or on June 1st. Count your resparations and see how much better you can breathe, Count your resting heart rate and see how your beats like a kid again. Count your arobic heart rate and remember how you thought you were going to have a heart attack before when it got it high like that - and now you continue on easily. AND CONTINUE COUNTING THOSE MILES TO LAS VEGAS! I'll see you there. I'm the one on the right!

  2. Or count your blessings!

  3. Hon - if I had a personal trainer like
    our gal Val I could look sort of like that too.
    So could you if you wanted to. They say that wasn't air brushed! And they said Elvis was dead! jk But the thing I wonder is could Val have done it without being paid to do it, with out the PT? Like you are doing? I think not!

    You are in a class of your own. And at the head of the class I must say!