Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oscar Mayer Has A Way

. . . with b.o.l.o.g.n.a! I've always loved that little tune. And there are plenty of other little ditties that I love to sing along with. I don't really wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener, but I love singing about it. All of my favorite foods have the best commercial jingles. Oreo? Oh yea. "O, O, O, ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie. They forever go together in a classic combination." I know it's odd, but some of my favorite commercials are the ones for food! Crazy!

Well, this all comes up after a sloooooowwwww start to the week in terms of my weight loss. I was exercising like gangbusters last week and it put my weight down at 189+. Sadly, I let myself down for the next couple of days and shot right back up again. So I'm steady as she goes at 190.2 -- and hoping to get below 190 and stay there for good by the end of the week.

My overeating right now is an extra large bowl of Cheerios, string cheese, maybe too many pretzels. It's not BAD food. It's just too much of it. Too many calories. Period. But honestly, all day Sunday I just kept thinking, "sometimes a girl's just gotta have a bologna sandwich." I didn't, but boy oh boy did I want to! Or a hot dog. Or something Oscar Mayer! Add to that my lack of motivation to exercise on Sunday and Monday, and it equals ZERO progress. I'm not beating myself up over this. I am disappointed, but not enough to give up. Besides, you know me. I am not exactly Motivated Mindy when it comes to busting my butt doing exercise. If there's an excuse to get out of it, I'm all in. Lol.

So okay - back to the reality today. I made some egg salad and had some of that. Tasty, tasty! And of course my protein shakes, almonds for a snack. I also made some chicken vegetable soup that's reaaaalllly good. So I had that too. And I walked. Twice! Once for an hour with a couple of friends and later by myself for about 40 minutes. Pattin' myself on the back for that one. And of course it pushes me forward to where I need and want to be. And perhaps, just perhaps, I will see results by the end of the week -- which is also the first of May. WOW!!!! May already. I can hardly believe it. The time just flew by. And September 1st is going to come just as fast. So I have to keep working. Stay focused. Move forward.

Today I am just so thankful to God for the grace of how far I've come. I pray for the continued help to keep going. And I pray for all of you -- that you meet any goals you have too. Ya. All of us together. Amen to that, eh??? I'm off to bed. Back again soon . . . .

P.S. Those Oreos up there? I DON"T want those. 56 calories each. Totally fat-filled. YUK! I used to love 'em. Not any more. Just thought you should know! :)


  1. Is there a recipe in this anywhere? Hint, hint!

  2. No, not for the bologna sandwich. For the SOUP!!

  3. Well lil buddy _ look at it this way! When you do what you call 'over eatin' you are just testing a maintence diet. And that seems to work. Nice to pocket that lil' bit of knowledge. 'Cause sometimes our real concerns are maintaing. You seem to have that covered.

  4. I realize what you mean when you say, you really really want something. It is almost as if you are obsessing over it. I know I have been. But again thank you for your inspiration with dieting. I am working on it. I am also going to start exercising soon also. But hopefully knowing someone is following you and watching real close will give some inspiration to you also. At least to stay away from oscar meyer in all ways but the singing.

  5. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo