Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lucky Me

I'm wondering if I am starting to get a little obsessive about the size of my jeans. Ya think? I don't mean how big they are. We already know they're huge! lol. I'm talking about the size number on the inside of the tag. People keep telling me that the number isn't what counts. Same as the scale. I've been told over and and over that the scale number isn't important. Well, I beg to differ on BOTH of the points. They matter to me. A LOT!

Today I put on a pair of jeans that are size 16. They were very tight. Too tight for me to wear around anyway. And it's the same pair I try on every time I want to see if I've finally hit that magic size. And then I had a scathingly brilliant idea. Try a different pair. So I did. And guess what??? They fit perfectly!!! And so did all of my other 16's. So I'm thinking that the first pair I tried are some bizarre anomaly. Don't know for sure. Don't care. I put them on my pile of 14's for another day.

Okay so I already know I'm old. I'm not interested in trying to dress like some hottie fresh out of college. But I dooooo like jeans. Wear them all the time. They're my first choice -- always. The day I put on a pair of pink twill slacks is the day someone needs to whisk me to the doctor's office for anti-psychotic medication.

I definitely have favorites in brands too. My all-time favorite for both comfort and look are Diesel. You can only get them in a few locations nationwide. N.Y., Chicago, Orlando, LA and Vegas. They are seriously the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. Sadly, I haven't fit into a pair for at least 5 years. I can't WAIT to go to Vegas and get a pair. By that time I will even be able to pull a size right from the rack. No sales clerk to smirk and sneak a HUGE pair from the store room. Hahaha. Oh yea. That's happened before. Sooo . . . . character building. :)

Coming in a very close second are my Lucky You jeans. Lucky for me, they are super comfortable and there's a fairly decent selection of styles. I don't HAVE to buy the ones that nearly expose my lower . . . uh . . . ab muscles. Yea. Ab muscles. And I bought a pair of white ones just before I gained all this weight. They're a size 12 and I cannot wait until I can wear them. I am really, really hoping to put them on by August. Pretty aggressive, but I want it bad.

I have quite a few size 12's waiting for me. Thankfully they're still in style and I won't feel like the waist band comes up to my ribs. And for those of you still wearing that style, have someone take a picture of your butt. Adds YARDS to it. You think you're wearing Levi's, when you're really wearing Leeeeeeeeeeeeeevi's. Get the picture? Goes for you men out there too, so you can chuckle, chuckle all you want. We're all singing the same song. The only thing that has changed from my years past is that all of the jeans have a name. Every style has it's own - like Madison low rise, or Louvely's, or Ashley Mid-rise. So odd. And I still haven't figured out why they're called a "pair" of jeans when there is only one . . . . . . Puzzling.

Anyway, I am off to fold clothes and sort socks. Hate it, but it has to be done. Then I'll swim, since the weather is rainy and cold here. I know we need the rain badly, but I don't have to like it, right? Besides, it's a day of rest. So I hope all of you get some of that today. And relaxation. And peace.

I'm over and out.


  1. Starting to follow in your footsteps. Hopefully I will do as good as you...

  2. Gal Pal! Obsessive? No way! As Dr. Phil says "Is it working for you?" Well you look him in the eye and say "YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES it's working for me". Size and style? That's an iffie. I don't know style (obviously). I thought Levi's were ok. But I want you to know one thing, in time to come, you will look back on this time in your life and say "More then bearing children" (I remember you talked about a gremlin posts back) "more then an education" (you sound and write like a pretty smart woman -anyway you looked like a woman in the flying suit) more then climbing Mt. Kiliminjaro,
    (that's probably pushing it) "this weight loss is what I am most proud of." The rest of your life you will feel empowered and accomplished and beautiful. You will know you can do anything you set your mind to.Why? Because you did this incredible task all by yourself. No easy way out. Just plain honest hard work. And you will know it is probably the hardest thing you have ever done. And something that gives you great pride in yourself. Something 90% of us can't do. You are something special and my hero.

  3. To the follower Elle: I have been following this blog since the beginning. I didn't intend to lose weight but I have lost 10 pounds. It's because it's a normal life style, busy. Everything I see I have felt or done. And she(?) just keeps on trying. And it makes sense. Look backwards to the blog that tells what she eats. You'll see why it's working; planning ahead, variety of exercise, and anonymous friends.
    Link arms with us. You'll do it!

  4. You guys are awesome! I love you!