Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cellulite. It's what I am made of. :( My legs are all about that. I know that the only way to get rid of it is to tone, build muscle, and tone some more. But I must say, I have become somewhat accustomed seeing it. I keep waiting for some incredible breakthrough that addresses that issue, but alas, I don't think that will happen in my lifetime. In fact, I don't imagine it will happen until it becomes the affliction of 1 in 3 men instead of just women. Boo hoo for those of us who have it though. We'll just have to keep hitting those weights. And that's not the worst thing, right? Burns more calories too. I have to look at the bright side. Life is good. Life is very good.

And what an amazing day God provided for me today. The sun was shining, I woke up motivated and stayed that way. I headed to the rink and skated for an hour. After that I walked with my friend to get a protein shake - a little less than a mile each way. And we had to climb under a fence to get there. Under. Not over. The top was barbed wire. I told my friend she had to go first because if she didn't fit there was no way I would. She did, so I hit the dirt and scooched under. It's been a loooong time since I've had to navigate a fence that way - either over or under. I felt like a little kid. And it lifted my spirits tremendously. Then it was on to the pool for swimming tonight. One hour. Not a killer workout but very good. I am not completely spent, but I am WAY beyond satisfied.

And . . . and, and, and . . . I got a new pedometer yesterday. Little gadgets always thrill me (a strange little aside, I know), but this sucker is super accurate. It won't record bumps or jerks. In fact, it won't record your steps until you have been walking for a least 4 seconds. It resets itself at midnight every night - not so good for you young people out there but it works for me. So I got in 8200 total steps today. That's 4 miles. Woohoo! Vegas, here I come. I can keep a more accurate record of my walked miles, so I'll be getting there a lot sooner than I originally anticipated. Told ya. Life is good. :)

So, tomorrow I'm going to try a spin class. I'm a little worried that it's going to be a killer, but I'm looking forward to it. A little. I'll let you know how it goes. Until tomorrow then, may your guardian angel be one step ahead of you and keep you safe. And as always, may God bless you. Night.

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