Monday, April 13, 2009


Can you believe it????? I actually LOST a pound while on vacation! I can't even THINK of a word that describes my relief. Joy is an inaccurate description. I was genuinely relieved! Pheeewwww!

Vacations are like a little death trap waiting to take you down. They're meant to be all relaxing and wonderful, but then you get back to the real world and it's like being zapped with a taser gun. Hello??? Don't you remember how great your regular life is? Hahaha. And then you play "catch up." But at least I don't have to work backward on my weight. Happy, happy day! And I got the extra added bonus of finding out at my Weight Loss Challenge meeting tonight that I won the 12 week challenge. Oh yea. $145.00 and a big old ego boost richer. I am all in for the next challenge, which starts on Thursday. Whoopie for me!

So I can give you bits and pieces of my amazing Florida vacation over the course of the week. Honestly, God is good. We had a fantastic trip. No blips . . . on the surface anyway. One of our activities was indoor skydiving. Let me tell you, this was a complete and utter adrenaline rush. I love, love, loved it, despite starting out on the wee-bit precarious side. That happens when you become suddenly aware that you have to fit into a one-piece nylon get-up in a place where the signage warns you to let the staff know if you weight more than 225. I'm thinking, "Oh Lord let me squeeze my 195 pounds into one of those ridiculous suits!" And in order to fit me into one that could accommodate my fanny, I ended up with the extra long legs and the very, very, very blousy top section. It could have substituted for a parachute for God's sake! But who cared? The butt fit and I was going flying.

This experience is inside a massive wind tunnel that is powered by jet engines. You step out onto a metal grid and just sort of fall over and let the wind take you. There was a cute little lady in front me -- about a size 4. When her time was up I stepped up to the tunnel door. I could hear the whomp . . .whomp. . .whomp of the engine. Then the operator saw me. Only a moment passed before that engine was doing double time -- whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp . . . Okay, can someone please tell me exactly how many jet engines it takes to make a 200 pound woman airborne? I have NO idea, but it worked and it was, hands down, one of the funnest things I have ever done. I drooled and couldn't stop it, laughed and whooped. It was a lot of work for the little man who was our "flight instructor" but it was sooooo worth it. And if you ever, ever get the chance, I highly recommend trying this.

Despite the fact that I probably didn't burn any calories, the big deal for me is that 3 months ago I probably couldn't have, and definitely wouldn't have tried this. I would have been too self-conscious. So even the 30 I have lost so far have had a huge impact on me. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm on my way. And I'm flying!

I'm off to bed. God bless all of you real good. I hope your Easter was wonderful! See you tomorrow.

P.S. I added the miles that I walked on my trip, plus those I walked today, onto my Vegas walk. :)


  1. Welcome back, girlie! Glad to hear you had such a blast. Is that a pic of YOU? You look fabulous darling! Congrats on making it through vacation without backsliding. Go Girl!