Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 5 Without A Scale

I can hardly believe I have gone so long without getting on that little box to check my weight. I am going through withdrawal, but only because I'm not in a place where I can easily gauge how I am doing with my weight. Sound ridiculous? It's not. It is hard to count calories for menu items you're not familiar with. You need to break everything down, and even then you might miss an ingredient in a sauce.

It has been a fabulous trip so far, but our dinners have gotten completely out of hand. Went to downtown Disney the other night. It was beautiful, but jammed with people and there were long waits for a table. We were finally seated at an Italian place at 9:00. GREAT waiter. Slow kitchen. An hour and 1/2 later we were still waiting for our food. Two of the people with us got theirs - personal size margarita pizzas. Cold. Awful. The rest of us would be waiting another 20 minutes, if we stayed, that is. We gave our waiter $30.00 and left. Onward to Mickey D's. I had a hamburger to tide me over, then two bowls of multigrain cheerios when I got home. I was starving! Just one of those things you don't anticipate, so there it was.

Last night we went to Tommy Bahamas. I was really looking forward to baked chicken with asparagas. . . but alas . . . it was not to be. The manager came to my chair with a frown. "All out of chicken." Waaaaaa!!! I settled for tortilla soup and a salad. It was fine, but I went to bed hungry. Not the first time, but that's a bitter pill to swallow after footing a big chunk of change for a dinner bill. Oh well. Maybe tonight will be better.

Okay, so my first few days here were spent walking. The weekend was spent in the water. I didn't walk on Saturday, but I did laps and laps and laps in the pool here. All the skinny travelers watched the big mama. Hah! But you know what? I think I have courage to do what they don't. Exercise regardless of what people think. There's not a doubt in my mind that people could figure out I was trying to get some. And of course the leg lifts near the edge of the pool were a solid give-away. Lol. I didn't care. It was gorgeous and hot and sunny and wonderful.

Yesterday's "exercise" was a little less rigorous but really, really fun. We went body surfing in the ocean. Now that's what I call "resistance" exercise. It isn't possible to stay in one spot. The waves just barrel you over. VERY fun. Even in my big swimming dress. You know . . . the swimming suit that looks like a dress so everyone doesn't have to view my chubby legs. Hahaha. I love the suit. It's perfect for me. But it does look like a dress. :)

Today I got up and moving and walked around the lake. Put in 30 minutes. Now it's time for shopping, and I'll get in a little more walking. Not power walking, but it's not sedentary either. SO. That's the scoop here. I will keep you posted as I can. For today I just thank God for the opportunity to take this wonderful trip. I am so grateful for the break and the warmth and the company. God is good. God bless you all too.

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