Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swimming Myself to Skinny

The first thing I did when I got home on Sunday was hit the pool. I felt great after an hour of my water aerobics. I always do. Then I walked 3 miles yesterday and for an hour today, but got back in the pool tonight. It's such a fabulous workout and is so easy on the body and the joints. The only downfall is the attire, God help me.

I've been too old to wear a bikini for a long, long time. lol. Styles have changed a lot though, and they now have swim suits that do a good job of covering the rough spots. In fact, they nearly cover your entire body. It's a swimming dress. Seriously. Its a dress that has a swim suit sewn inside. But in my case, the dress part is so flowing and big that when I'm in the water I have to tuck it in to the under part of it so it doesn't look I'm wearing a big deflated inner tube! Hah! So in Florida, one little person in our group told me there was no way I was going to get a tan because my swimming dress covered up too much skin. Jeez! Funny, I know. But it's true. And when a swimming dress gets wet, it weighs nearly a ton. In the ocean I thought the odds were pretty good that the weight of it would drag me down and I'd be sucked in by the undertow. Obviously it never happened, by I'm sure it's by the grace of God alone. :)

Anyway, I am back into the swing of life at home. We brought the sunshine home with us and that is simply thrilling. I love being outside. The wind and sun really do a number on my skin though -- especially my face. If I sweat and the wind dries it my skin feels like sandpaper. So I am open to some recommendations for a good facial hydrating lotion.

Tomorrow I'm going to get back on my scale again. I didn't get on today (honestly!) but two days off and such a long hiatus is just too trying. And I'm also getting back on the ice. They take it out next week and I won't be able to skate again until June, so I'm anxious to do it while I can.

I'll let you know how that all goes. In the meantime, I just want to thank God for making my journey so easy right now. It's all grace, and I don't always deserve it -- which makes me all the more grateful. Yea. So okay -- g'night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

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