Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back in the Game

Well after a pretty off-kilter start to the week, I have settled back in to the rhythm of life as a loser. lol. I got going right away this morning and walked 4 1/2 miles. I forgot my new and funky pedometer at home, which really ticked me off because I love that little thing and seeing those numbers go higher and higher during the day. I am averaging about 8900 steps each day, but one day last week hit almost 19,000. That was pretty cool to see.

Anyway, I got in a super walk, and put in an additional 2 1/2 throughout the rest of the day. I also got back in the pool for an hour. And of course that feels like easy exercise to me. It's not - it just feels that way, so I'm always ready to top off my day with that. My skin takes a beating from the chlorine, but I can deal with that. Plus, some friends gave me the gift of some great repair cream for my face. It's fabulous! Regenerix by Oil of Olay. LOVE it (and them)!

So tomorrow is my weekly weigh-in for the spring Weight Loss Challenge. I don't expect to be down any, particularly in light of my crazy binge the other day. But I'm good with that. I am just happy to be back on track so quickly. Ate right all day. I made some outstanding chicken on the grill tonight. Marinated skinless breasts in Italian dressing all day. Discard the dressing, grill the chicken. Sooooo tasty. I love having it in my fridge for a quick protein meal -- either wrapped in leaf lettuce, in a low cal tortilla, or in pita bread. About 200 calories and very filling. Good stuff!

Alrighty then. I HAVE to go to bed. I am so tired. But I wanted you to know I am doing great today. I'm back. I'm eating right. I'm exercising. Tomorrow is another shot at a loss, and I'll take it. So off to beddy-bye for me. Good night all. And thanks for your support. Sweet dreams.


  1. I thought we had lost you little gal! Grief does strange things to us doesn't it. Oddly so does happiness. I see you have taken charge once again. That is quite excellant. You quite obviously have a handle on your life. That is quite impressive. No wallowing, blaming, pity party. You are healthy in mind and body. You are a tribute to the human spirit. Sucess motivates us all. Not drugs, not food, not the opinions of other people! Just our own self, if we let ourselves love ourselves instead of using setbacks as excuses for failure. You are quite an impressive person. Congratulations. I think you have lost your lil' Fat Coat along your journey and you are out in the sunshine of life once again. God has blessed you as you well deserve.

  2. Great job Laze! I drooped the ball this past week with all the misery. I'm simply hoping for a 'no gain' weigh-in tomorrow. Thankfully we are back on track on picking up where we left off. I'm hoping to hit goal weight by CC.