Monday, March 9, 2009

A is for the Alchohol....

. . .that I should just avoid. I mean for pity sakes. Really!!! I'm hardly a big drinker. Not exactly a lush if you know what I mean. But two nights in a row with 2 glasses of wine each night put me in a bad place and a bad mood. My weight after the weekend was 203.8. That's just wrong! I even counted in the calories and made adjustments to my intake because of the wine. But nope. My body has decided to punish me for what it considers to be "decadent." Booo!!!

So here's the "skinny" on alcohol my friends. It makes you retain water, which causes your weight to fluctuate. It also slows your metabolism, causing your body to burn less calories, which causes your weight to fluctuate. And last, it causes a spike in your blood sugar, which makes you hungry, which makes you eat, which causes your weight to fluctuate. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Unfair as it may be, alcohol is NOT good for the dieter. All the planning and counting and anticipating doesn't prepare you for the wretched number that shows up on your scale after you've been drinking. I know we had a little visit about this issue a few weeks ago. But it's apparently something I need to repeat to myself over and over. Somehow it didn't sink in. I guess I just need to keep reminding myself: three drinks and you're on your way to fat-so-ville, honey!

My fingers are still fat and swollen from the weekend. I didn't go and indulge my appetite after my blood sugar spiked either. I'm just retaining that much water. And I'm not sure how long I'm stuck with the effects of this. I'll let you know. For me, this is not a worthwhile sacrifice. I just can't justify having wine if this is what I'm left to deal with.

In the meantime, I'm back at it in the gym. Was there tonight and on treadmill for 30, bike for 30. Then it was out the door to an incoming winter storm and BOOM!!! I hit the pavement like an medicine ball dropped from the sky. Thankfully my butt is big enough to handle the impact. No bones broken and no muscles strained. Whew! That's all I would need!

Tomorrow is a new day. New scale numbers. Hopefully better. So it's nighty-night for me. Sleep tight all!


  1. ANY experience - be it good or bad - is worth going throught if we learn something from it.
    Genesis 19:17

  2. Do these help?

    Ezekiel 18: 31
    Isaiah 1:19-20

  3. I've done a little too much of Isaiah 1:19 already. Haha!