Saturday, March 28, 2009


Solid number. It's been ages since I've had a solid number dead on. I've been watching it all week of course, and had hoped it would pop over to show me a 196 number, but I also know it's coming. And quickly. I've had a spectacular food weekend. Not so great on the exercise, but my eating is just great. I've only had a few days here and there in these last few months when I've struggled with the food. I am really grateful for that.

My struggles since the beginning of this journey always take me by surprise. I am not sure why. Its easy to figure out what the struggles are going to be. I mean, helloooo! I don't LOVE exercise, and I'm going to have cravings for foods that aren't good for me. Duh! Why the surprise then? I have NO idea. So there. I just don't know. Oh well. Who says I need an answer?

Frankly, I would rather like the answer to a different question -- which is why it is that the two alternative exercise choices I have grown to love are the ones that make their top athletes squish into teeny, tiny little outfits? Swimming and skating. Oh yea, I know. I could put on hockey gear instead of a little skating dress, but then I wouldn't be Dorothy Hamel would I? And the swimming suit? Well, let's just say that top swimmers may be wearing tiny little speedo suits, but in my case there are pool covers smaller than the one I've been putting on. They had to use a LOT of sparkles to decorate my suit. Haha. And at some point I intend to fit into one of those puny little ones. We shall see . . . not whether I do . . . but rather, how long it will take until I do. Yea!

So tomorrow is the day of rest, but I've had two in a row, so I need to get busy. Didn't feel very well Friday. I actually had a fever. And then came a headache. I hate that!!! So no skating. No swimming. No walking. But I felt 100x better today. I just didn't get to the exercise part of the day. So sad, isn't it? I thought you'd think so. lol. Tomorrow I need to get a move on. Thankfully I get to start it with church. That way I get all my prayers in right away in the morning. Hah! So, I will check in with you again. Maybe I will just offer up my prayers for all of you tomorrow, and put everything else aside. Good idea. And a pleasant way to sign off, don't you think? Me too. Peace.


  1. You've put new motivation into my dragging weekend. I needed it. Awesome job.

  2. OK -- so you've dropped that weight and are counting calories --- but what are you eating -- you talk a lot about the exercise you do but that really is a no brainer for anyone. What the heck is your eating plan that makes you so successful. You say tracking....but what are you eating?????????????