Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gurgle, Gurgle

It is amazing to me what a HUGE role water plays in my weight loss journey. Of course anyone who has been on any weight loss program knows that you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day in order for the program to be effective. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of this. I have NO idea why this is true. I only know from personal experience that it's absolutely, unquestionably true.

Now I don't know if you read the comments on different days that I blog, but one from yesterday was really interesting. I was shocked to read it. And plenty irritated to boot. Here's the gist: I took a day off from exercising to let my muscles rest and repair because they were incredibly, unbelievably sore. My commenter indicated that generally water fills in and surrounds damaged or sore muscles in order to protect them from injury. Translation: a possible weight gain due to water weight. My response: No, no, no, no, no, no!!!! I need to avoid that scale like it's FAT itself that's going to seep into my body through my feet. I can't handle the disappointment of a gain. I JUST got to one-derland. I can't be jumping in and out like that. So I'm going to try and stay off the scale until Monday. Oh, and that makes water my newest fair-weather-friend.

Meanwhile, I got back in the pool tonight. Another thumbs up for water! It is truly a fantastic form of resistance exercise. It can also be a great cardio workout. Did you know, for example, that jogging in the water burns over 330 calories for just 30 minutes? It's probably pretty comparable to regular running, but it's soooo much easier on your joints, and on your body generally. And honestly, it's a lot more fun. So you tend to work longer and harder. Because you can. So I was in the water for about 55 minutes. My legs were all squishy and wobbly when I got out, so I knew it was a good work out. I was happy that I got some exercise. I woke up feeling pretty worn out again today, and wasn't sure I wanted to hit the treadmill. So getting in the pool was perfect.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the skating rink again. I'm looking forward to that too. Works all different muscles. I just have to remember to mummify my feet, or I am going to be saying hello to Mr. and Mrs. Blister again. Haha. But it will kick off a very busy weekend. I have mixed feelings about it because while it will be a fun weekend, I will be going out for dinner twice. Never good. There's no place like home for eating right! :) So please say a little prayer for me.

And I'll say one for all of you. For whatever you're needing or wanting in your life today. And I'll try to check in before the weekend's over - if nothing else to maintain a little balance and accountablility. Until then, be safe and be happy. :)


  1. Lil' gal, lets talk about this. It is sort of like cease and DO NOT desist, if you understand what that play on words means. Cease food with the componets that might have salt and sugar. Do not desist the water. Water water every where - and you do need to drink it. When exercise causes any very little weigh gain, (and if you have stayed off the scale like a good girl, you should not even know if you have gained a teensy weensy bit of water weight) the control and power is always in your hands. Water attracts both salt and the components of refined foods. Drinking water as you have alluded to helps you. The 8 glasses helps to eliminmate any EXTRA water you may have absorbed, IF THERE EVEN IS ANY EXTRA WATER. But your choice of food over the week-end will will make an impressive impact on how you loose. Too much bread, salt, fast food, diet soda won't help. You mentioned you have two dinner engagements this week-end. Draw your courage from your previous dining out experinces. Be prepared - don't go hungry. And remember the prayer of St. Therese "May you trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts you receive and pass on the love that is given to you".

  2. To Anonymous number one: Please don't be sorry. I want to know these things, for better or worse. So THANK you for posting. It's GREAT information.

    To Anonymous number two: Good to know... and YES! I'm going to be prepared! Thank you!

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