Friday, March 13, 2009


Well I have had an amazing day! I started off with a great workout - 50 minutes of skating. It's such a great way to exercise. You work up a sweat, but not really because it's so cold. Strange feeling to have the back of your head wet and sweat trickling down your back but you have to keep your sweatshirt on or you'll freeze. But I like that when I'm finished my legs feel kind of like jello. I also like that different muscles are aching than the usual ones. And at this point, my muscles ache all the time. It's a good thing, but again, it's a little strange too. It's the sign that I'm making progress. I can't SEE the progress yet, but there's something going on way deep in those legs of mine.

After my workout and one of my protein shakes, I headed to the gym where, as a HUGE treat for myself, I had scheduled a massage. This was an extravagance for me, and one that I was really looking forward to. To relax. Soothe the muscles. Ease the ache. Ahhhh.

Unless of course your muscles need a good soothing. Or they ache. Or they're strained. In which case, you don't get that relaxing "spa" massage. What you get is Helga's House of Pain. Seriously. And the more work the muscles need, the more pain you can expect. Because you have to work out those kinks and smooth those knots somehow. OUCH!!!!! What happened to the "relaxing" part of this deal???? Oh, and it's twice as bad when you're a two-ton-Tillie because you gotta mooooove the fatty skin out of the way to find the muscle so you can work out the knots! DANG! Helloooo??? Didn't you hear me?? What happened to the "relaxing" part of this deal???? Hahaha.

Well I think it goes without saying that although my muscles are probably smoother now than they were before my massage, I won't be making another appointment anytime soon. I think it's best if I wait until you can actually FEEL the muscle somewhere in all that skin. That's my plan anyway. :)

My meals and food plans are still on course. I am still at about 1350 calories each day. I want to say that the appropriate amount of calories you should take in when you want to lose weight is your weight times 7. For me then, it's 201.8 x 7, or about 1412. Interestingly, my Lose It program on my iphone says I can only have 1276. I'm right in between, so I feel pretty safe. And I guess as long as the weight keeps coming off I'll stay with that plan. I won't try to fix it if it's not broken.

Okie dokie then . . . that's my scoop today. I'm off to slumberland -- or at least a shot at it. Haven't slept well all week so we shall see . . . Happy Saturday to you everyone! God Bless you real good. :)

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