Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Waaayy down! Woooohoooo!!! I complain and complain and then, ca-ching! The number drops! I am so very happy about this. I am getting closer and closer to one-derland and its making me work harder. Well, its making me work hard. As hard as I have so far, anyway. It keeps me on track and that's what I need. I need to stay on track. And not just for me. I need to stay on track for you, too.

I started this blog January 2 with the intention of tracking my weight loss. So far so good. But I want to tell you that I am one of many, many people who blog about their weight loss. There are so many out there it makes your head spin. Some are are wildly entertaining. They are funny and have some great links. Some of them have hundreds of followers. Some of them have hundreds of ads. There are sites that are listed in "Top 10" lists here and there. And they all started with the same intention: to blog as they lose. They all had the intent to lose weight. And therein is the sad problem. It doesn't quite happen.

I'm am so sorry. I'm not condemning or criticizing. But some of these people have been blogging for two and three and four years. They start out great. They lose 20 or 30 pounds over six months. And that's where it stops. The blogging continues, the weight goes up and down. Mostly up. The struggle continues and the topics shift. They shift topics because there's no more loss. They stop mentioning what they weigh and what they ate. It comes up every now and then. The rest might be hints and advice and good intentions. But no moving forward. I mean, downward.

And I don't want that to be me. I don't want to hover. I don't want to hit a mark and stop moving forward. I want to keep spiraling downward - the more dizzying the pace the better. Yes, I know slower is healthier. But stopping is fatal. And I was sincere when I said it's for you, too. How dull to listen to someone who doesn't do what she said she was going to do. How dull to see 203, 203, 203, 203, 203 . . . you get the point. You WANT me to keep going. You WANT me to lose. As much as I want it. And I love, love, love that about us!!!!! I feel like we're a team. We're a team because I am doing this for me, but I couldn't do it without you. Do you honestly think I'd bust my big butt to break 200 if all of you didn't check in on me? OF COURSE I WOULD!!! But I wouldn't get there until June! Hah! And then maybe I'd get to 190 by August. Maybe 180 by next Christmas. Like the rest of the bloggers. And I'd be hopelessly, aimlessly blogging for the next 2 years without ever making progress.

No thank you!!! We deserve better. You do. I do. And we're going to make it. I promise. Really. I promise you. I won't let you down. I'll be like the mailman - getting it done under any circumstances and in any kind of weather. Except my mail bags are gonna get lighter and lighter. lol. So yes, my loss is good. But we're not done. Today I walked for an hour. Yay! And as soon as it starts to get warmer and the snow melts - which at this point looks like June - I'm going to double my efforts. And I just keep thanking God for having my back. He really is the rock. Yea.
And I thank God for you. My team. xoxoxo.


  1. Praise the Lord
    And pass the ammunition!
    Ammunition of course being your encouraging words!

  2. You're SOOOOO awesome!! We love you! I feel blessed to be included in this journey you are on. Thank you!