Monday, March 16, 2009


Another bit of weight off, another smile upon my face! I think it goes without saying that I'm am VERY happy about the loss, but I am as frustrated as all get out that I am STILL not past that 200 mark. Its just sooo close!!! I just have to get over that hump! I know that my exercise is going to pay off. But when? I'm not terribly patient right now. Go figure! lol.

My exercise has been wonderful! Yesterday my friend from Saturday came out again and we sat outside basking in the sun and enjoying the warm weather. My friend had a blister (heh heh heh -- we know all about those!) so we decided to swim instead of walk. We got in the pool and managed to eke out over 45 minutes of some pretty tough water aerobics. I led, and was huffin' and puffin' as we went. It was fabulous! So strange to sweat while you're in a pool!

Anyway, today was another gorgeous day. So after lunch I called another friend and asked her if she wanted to walk. She did, and we did. This was a good idea and a bad idea. It was quite the workout! Because the thing is, my friend has long legs. I mean, my kneecaps are probably level with her mid-calf. So she would walk 'stride-stide' and I would try to keep up with 'step-step-step and step-step-step.' I felt like a litte stubby wiener dog walking next to a graceful great dane. She asked me if we should slow down on several occasions, but I insisted we keep the pace. Of course she had to hold most of the conversation because I couldn't breathe, let alone talk, but it was invigorating and really good for me. 45 minutes and 3 miles later I was a ball of sweat. So awesome!

Then it was back to the pool tonight for more water aerobics. 45 minutes of it. And the time in the pool flies by, so it only felt like a few minutes. But I was all pruny and rubbery when I got out, so it must have been positive in some respects. If it wasn't cardio, I had 45 minutes of some pretty good resistence exercise. And every little bit helps.

All in all a great exercise day. I haven't worked out with weights but fully intend to. The funny thing is, I don't know if they'll fit me yet. When I went in a couple of weeks ago to take a look at a set, I ended up pulling them out of the box and trying them on. I was shocked to learn that my ankles were too fat for them to stay securely, so I didn't get any. The friend I had with me about wet her pants because of my "fat ankles." I don't know if they'd fit me today, but I'll eventually get them on! :)

That's about all I know now. I will let you know if anything radical changes for me this week. My intent is to just keep working out and keep eating right. The weight will come off soon enough I guess.

Have a good one! And God Bless---


  1. The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist

  2. That would be me, baby. That would be me! :)