Monday, March 2, 2009


Hurray for me! I did the one thing I avoid on a daily basis -- went to the gym. Day one under my belt. What's the saying? "Once begun is half done." I truly believe that's true. Especially for me. I was pretty pleased with myself.

So I've been agitated the last few days. I think I told you that. If I didn't, now you know. Unfortunately I couldn't really shake that when I got to the gym. I was able to get rid of it AFTER my work out, but not before or during. And let me just apologize right now for being such a naughty little sinner-person. But I just have to get this off of my chest. There was a lady at the gym who was so irritating I wanted to wring her neck.

She was on the elliptical in front of me -the WHOLE time I was there and well over the 30 minutes you're suppose to spend on any given machine. And this particular elliptical is the only one at the gym that doesn't have arm bars that you have to work at the same time as your legs. It has rails only. And its the most popular elliptical there. For me included. And this girl was a complete elliptical hog. I thought I was going to jump off the treadmill and yank her off. People would come in, look over and see her on it, and get on a different machine, all the while continuing to look over at her (a sure sign they want to get on it). One man stood behind the machine next to it watching TV for almost 10 minutes after she hit the 30 minute mark. She was either completely oblivious or just that rude. Oink, oink. He walked away.

And then I couldn't help but watch her. I was directly behind her. She hadn't signed in on the white board. She covered the time information with a magazine. And she clucked her head forward like a chicken with every step she took, leading with her chin to get the rest of her body in motion. Out and in. Out and in. Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I was going to freak out. I have NO IDEA why!!!

I managed to get through the rest of my time on the treadmill and hopped on the stationery bike. I kept hoping that either she's be done or that someone would tattle on her. How immature is that??? 15 minutes later she was still clucking and stepping and I hit the road. So ridiculous. I can't say anything except "I'm sorry." Sorry for being so petty, and sorry for dragging you down with me. But sometimes, my friends, ya just gotta share. lol.

So. Note to self: don't be a machine hog. It's ticks people off. Bad. And just maybe I can get on that special elliptical tomorrow. Because you KNOW I have to go back. I can. I can. I can. . . . . .


  1. Boy do I relate to that!
    Not childish - Not petty! Totally human!
    And I bet she was thin too! In Lyra!
    Been there - Done that! I bet she didn't wipe the machine down after either!And if it is any comfort I also have felt just like you do/did. Even for a couple of days after. And worse yet - the next time you see her it might flare up again. Why oh why do others have such control over our emotions? Check it out! It is part of the blame game in life. Others are always the reason for something going wrong in our life - we are the reason for things going good in our life. You stayed on track, did what you came for and left. You are the winner. She is left with a head full of selfishness. You can't lose that by going to a gym. She knew what she was doing. And now you know something about her. It's like wearing a sign telling the world "I'm selfish" How sad to expose to others the stinking stuff we all have inside burried somewhere. I'm proud of you for letting it go. You must be made of pretty special stuff yourself. Some day you will be thin! She will always be selfish!

  2. Well, now you HAVE to go back tomorrow! See what a favor she did for you? You have to go back tomorrow or you will CRAVE that particular machine. Get that? You are gonna CRAVE exercising on THAT machine until you can actually get on it! She's your friend! God planted her right there on that machine way past your exercise time just to get you back tomorrow!! God has SUCH a sense of humor!! Tell me you aren't giggling right now!!