Thursday, March 26, 2009


My weight loss has been such a great change in my life that I couldn't, even if I wanted to, focus on anything unpleasant right now. It's only been a few months and that huge starting blog number, 224.5, seems far, far away already. So here's the thing: if you'd really like to lose some weight, I want to tell you to stop waiting. Be done with putting it off. There's always a party, or a vacation, or a special dinner. There is always a reason to start a diet next week instead of today. But listen. Next week comes and goes and you will still be in the same place. WORK with me. I have 50 more pounds to lose. I want to lose them by this fall. And you can be losing right along with me.

I started this program Jan 2. I have lost almost 30 pounds!!! You can do the same thing. June 1st and July 1st are going to come no matter what. But if you start counting calories today, you might be 30 pounds lighter when they do -- assuming that's what you want to lose. If it's less, it's going to happen sooner, and then YAY you! Okay. So let's do this thing. Don't wait until Monday. Just count your calories over the weekend. See where you are. It's easier than you think. Honestly. Here are two GREAT websites for keeping track: and It may seem like a hassle, but it IS effective. Weight watchers uses points, but the reason it's effective is because it's tracking what you eat. You have to keep a journal. That's what works. And it will work for you. I promise!!! My friend D. started just the exercise part with me and has lost 15+. That could be you . . . . . .

Okay now that you've had your lecture we can move on. Hehehe.

I had two great workouts today and yesterday. One on the ice and one in the pool. Not getting any closer to Vegas, but I'm getting great exercise! And I am genuninely lovin' it. I'll be pretty sad when the ice comes out at the rink next month. BUT, it goes back in again in June and will be a fabulous place to go this summer. Plus, I'll get in more walks when the weather warms up again. You know. In July. Hah! In the meantime, I'll keep eating right. The sandwich up in the corner is about the most JUVENILE sandwich I've had in ages and it was sooooo good! The only thing that might be better is if I put a little butter spray on it and grilled it. Either way, we're talking t.a.s.t.y.! It's a little higher in calories than I'd like (425), but oh, so, worth it!

Alrighty dighty. That's the report for today. God love ya for tuning in. You're my life line. My skinny life. Haha. Have a happy Friday. Blessings!


  1. Congratulations on many levels. For your hard work, for sharing your inspiration, for the humor that takes away the sting of self control, or the lack of it, and the hope you give your followers.

  2. Well li'l gal you've done what 75% of the population can't do. I have also noticed you have had some first class advice along the way and you have found your groove. There will be those that are jealous, say that you are lucky, and some will not be able to give you the compliments you deserve. We know better. We have seen you open the door to sucess. We have seen you suffer. We have seen you pick yourself up and try again. We have seen you acknowledge your mistakes. We have seen you laugh at yourself. We have seen you overcome obstacles.There is room for everybody through that door to success but we have to pay our dues - hard work and self discipline and looking deep inside yourself and finally seeing the beauty that is you. It is showing for all the world to see! Thank you for taking us on your journey. If we really sit up and listen we can apply your strategy to many different parts of our lives; face our demons, call them by name and don't be afraid to ask for support. Life is hard enough without going the journey alone. May you find peace in your accomplishment.

  3. My favorite too! Are you sure it is only 425 calories? Tha sounds a little cheap for such a fancy feast!

  4. I hope I can be as strong as you are right now. I am taking it a little bit at a time. I want to lose 50 pounds and feel better also. Both ron and I are going to start on MONDAY and not a day before. (hehe) so keep up the good work and I hope to do as well as you. Love you