Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well here we are again. Honestly, my life is so busy right now I can hardly stay afloat. I have stuck to my program. Easter weekend I had a little wine and a little too much "Easter" -- but overall it was fine. I did a great job. So I am sure you can appreciate my frustration when I went to weigh in today and was down only by .4 pounds. Down yes. But over two weeks? Booooo!!!!!

I stuck to the program. I got exercise. So it must be a plateau. Happens all the time, or so I'm told. To me, it looks like the picture here. I am looking across a vast ocean and can't see the other side, which represents the goals I have set. I am navigating this barge that I call a body toward that goal, and there's no current or wind to help me along. Just me and whatever motor I have inside. Ugghhh!

But, I suppose it could be worse. I could be my sister. She broke her kneecap, so she is laid up in bed. She is starting to get around a little bit, but still needs lots of rest. So how did this happen? She fell down while she was skating laps with me. I forced her to go skating with me, and she wiped out and broke her knee. The UP side is that she loved it, and said she plans to go back as soon as she is healed. I'm glad, or would probably have felt pretty guilty.

So I worked through the anger and frustration of the morning's weigh-in, and I plan to stay tight on the program. I know it works. I know this is a temporary glitch. I just want it to move forward. And the truth it, the wine alone last weekend could have made me bump up and stay there awhile. That always happens when I drink wine. So, I'll be avoiding that for a bit.

So I am very busy making some big life moves here. I'll report as I have time, as I am somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. So please pray for me, and I will pray for you. Until next time, God bless ya'll!

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  1. Never never be disappointed with a downward mode. Non matter how long it has been since you were on the scale you are down. Even when you reach yout goal weight you surely mustnknow that one or two bad days will always put you up a pound or two but you can get right back to normal eating (not much at all) to maintain your healthy weight.