Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skating on Thin Ice

What a week I have had! Life is good. First off, I got rid of my scale. Complete withdrawals, but that is better than being irritated and depressed all day.

Also, I found a beautiful ice rink and headed there to skate twice this week. I was missing my skating buddies from the northwest, but loved being back on the ice. And I don't use fancy schmancy girls' skates with a toe pick anymore. Despite the fact that at one time I aspired to be the next Dorothy Hamel, I find that girls' skates are horribly uncomfortable and gave me big, oozing blisters. So I went out and bought a pair of used hockey skates. I love them. They're roomy and comfortable. I can't stop in them, but who cares? I get done what I need to: laps. And laps and laps and laps. I slap on my head phones and nano and off I go. I used to have skating partners, but since they are now in another city, I just sing to myself instead. Too bad for everyone around me . . . haha . . . they get a serenade!

So. Skating and walking. I ended each day with a 2 or 2.5 mile walk. VERY good way to end the day. The only downside is that my little armband doesn't accurately record the calories I burn skating. It says I only burned about 250 calories. But every other source says that even slow skating burns twice that for 50 minutes. So I guess I will have to wait until I weigh in to see how many it really burned. I can do that.

I am a teensy sore and tired today, but in a good way. I have a busy weekend ahead. Minnesota Twins game today, weigh in at Jenny Craig tomorrow, and tomorrow night is a black tie gala for Children's Hospital at the Depot in Minneapolis. Not too worried about my food. They don't usually over-fill the plates at the gala dinners. As for the Twins' game, I can just steer to salad. Not suppose to have meat today, but if it comes down to bad choices, I may eat meat anyway.

So that's the story on this beautiful Friday morning. I will let you know how the JC weigh in goes In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and God Bless.

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