Monday, April 11, 2011

H is for Home Run

And that's what I hit at my weigh-in this weekend. A home run! I know the numbers listed here on my blog are what I intended to use, but the truth is, life without a scale is one worth living. I thought it would slow me down, cause me to given in, eat more. I was wrong. The ungodly fear of those numbers at Jenny Craig kept me on track. And since my numbers there have now passed what I was seeing on my home scale, I can just use those. So here's the recap: I started the Jenny Craig program on Wednesday, March 23rd. I weighed in at a whopping 214. A week later I weighed in at 210.4. On Saturday I weighed in at . . . drum roll please . . . 207.4! Whoop dee dooo!!!! Now that's a home run! And this after a beautiful night at the Twins' game at Target Field (where I had salad and 1/2 piece of cheese pizza). I kept the momentum at my black tie dinner on Saturday night, eating all of my salad and asparagus, but only taking a few bites of the steak and salmon.

Yesterday was tougher. I went out to eat with my kids. I ordered a cup of soup and egg salad on whole wheat. But guess what? When I went to check the calories online later, I found out that my little sandwich is almost 500 calories!!!!! Booooo hooooo hoooo! So sad. So I probably ended up eating 1500 calories yesterday, with no exercise since Thursday.

So it was back to work today. I skated 45 minutes -- dragging my sister along to show her how wonderful this exercise is. I'll walk a little later I think, too. Back to the grindstone. But I am good and ready. I want to be out of two-derville and back in one-derland SO bad! I was hoping by Easter, but I am not so sure it will happen.

Anyway, I'll tell you about some of my yummy foods later this week. You might just be a little jealous. Hehehe. Until then, pray for me and I'll pray for you. Have a glorious day!!!

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  1. That is awesome! You will be in one-derland in no time!