Saturday, June 6, 2009


Whew!!! What a week!!! I was starting to think I was never going to be able to crawl out of that barrel I had crawled in. But alas, I emerged. Just in time for the weekend. Just in time for graduation parties and a wedding shower. All that good food. None of it low-cal. I'm going to have to eat before every one of them if I ever want to see the 170's. But in spite of the food issues, summer parties can be an endless source of fun and entertainment. Not to mention a learning experience. Like what to do when there is no table available to set down your drink. As long as you have a straw, you don't really have to move when you want another sip! Toooo funny!

So anywhooo, I started my week at a high number, but kind of thought it was easy, quick-on/quick-off water weight. Boy was I wrong. I took off 1/2 pound, then another, but it hung on for dear life. I was pretty surprised, but it was a great wake up call too. You just can't mess around with your metabolism like that. And let me tell you, from an emotional standpoint it is NOT worth the aggravation.

There was a huuuuuge UPside to my week though. My sister came to visit this week. She is a shopper, that one. Has impeccable taste. I always tell people that I go "shopping in my sister's closet" because she has great clothes and lots of extras. Hah! Anyway, she brought along a box of pants for me. Capris, jeans, slacks. Cute stuff!!! ALL size -- da, da, da, da -- 14! We had a "try it on" marathon. I was completely bowled over. THEY FIT!!!! Okay, well MOST of them fit. A few need a few-to-five pounds and then they will, but the majority fit and fit well. I was shocked. I don't really understand what happened. I sort of skipped right by the 16's and went to the 14's. Ecstatic. That's what I was. And I showered up and put on a pair of my shiny new 14 jeans and headed out to a friend's for dinner.

Now I don't really think pride is such a good thing. I actually think it can be quite harmful to ones self and to others. But right now I am pretty proud of myself. Self-satisfied, but not smug. And today I put on yet another pair of these fancy new jeans - a pair with sparkly pockets. I stood in front of the mirror for 10 minutes. I had grown so accustomed to bumps and humps and rolls I didn't recognize my own figure. When did THAT happen????? OH! And my mom sent me two pictures - a "before and after." LOOOOOVED seeing those. There I was - the old me. Almost 50 pounds lighter than I was at Christmas. What a great feeling. So much better than a piece of banana cream cheese cake. . . . I think. Hahaha.

So me and my sparkly butt are off to graduation parties. Pray that I can govern my food intake a little better this weekend. God bless and stay safe!!!


  1. I've been ther and done that - mine was a coke. I even hid a cookie there too.

    I am guessing you don't have diabetes. But you are going through what a newly diagnosed diabetic does. You want. You have a hard time accepting YOU CAN'T - but you will learn SOMETIMES you can. You already now know you feel better with the right food. A new diabetic needs to learn what they can have and in what amounts they can have it that will keep their their blood sugar stable. And sadly we learn how hard it can be after that cookie or wine. We go off our program and our blood sugar shoots up. Sometimes just one little cookie can do it. And you also learn stress can change your blood sugar in a negative way and exercise can be a help. We eventually learn what works for you through trial and error. A lot of error. Believe me. See the parellels? Moderation is the key.
    You will still be able to have a glass of wine or dessert or snacks. One or the other. But you have to make adjustments. Soon you learn what works and what doesn't. From what I read you are learning that now. It is all about a life style not dieting. Can you handle this? I think you can. You are taking care of your body before it betrays you.

    You will be glad. And about the jeans. Sister - have you not heard muscle takes the place of fat and has less room. You have been doing a little body building and it is showing up. You skipped right over one size! Keep on the plan.

  2. OR _ in other words
    it is like falling off a bike. You skin your knee and have to decide if you want to get back on and learn how or is it too much work!

    Good Luck. I'll keep my eyes open for the sparkly jeans!

  3. Honey, those big brown fat cells don't know if they're coming or going. You have to make up their mind for them. They are GOING! FOCUS! You seem too content with the way you are right now.

  4. Girl, look at your counter for the past few days. It has chalked up almost 100 hits. We are a little worried about you.
    Psalm 102:2