Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't even REALIZE how much time had passed since I blogged last. I was shocked when I got on tonight and saw it was last Saturday. I promise I will be more attentive. I don't even know what happened.

My week was crazy busy, but I stayed steady-on. I am so happy I did. It was really worth the pain. I am in the SEVENTIES!!!! Did you see that? This morning I got on the scale and had no expectation of any change. I thought I was going to hang right around that 182 mark. Not because I over-ate. In fact, for no reason at all, other than I have become accustomed to those 80's (which one of my anonymous commenters definitely pegged me on!). I about died when I saw the 7. Nearly fainted dead away. (I've always wanted to use that expression. The chance doesn't come up too often.) But I didn't faint, which is good because I would have cracked my head open or something. :)

I got back on track in a big way this week. It didn't start that way. I went to a graduation party Saturday that was serving hot dogs. Bad, bad, bad. I ate two! With a bun! And I sampled the bars. Four times. And I had wine. Several glasses. NOT a good thing. Obviously. So Monday rolled around and I had another case of the "glues." That's when your fat is stuck to you like glue and never plans to come off because you keep feeding the monster that makes it grow and dimple and look so attractive under your skin. Yep. The glues.

And then I turned it all around. I have to tell you that this is mostly due to my mother. The woman never swears. You knew you were in big trouble as a kid if she said "goll dammit." So I laughed and chuckled to myself for nearly an hour after I talked to her on the phone Monday afternoon and she said: "Now, you get back on that damn diet!" Okay. I will. Okay? And I did. I always listen to my mother. Hahaha. And she's always right. And I'm in the 70's to prove it!!!

Still getting in the walks, but have added a bit of running. Ran about 2 miles last Sunday. And again tonight. I was kinda tired though, so I ran 1.5 miles and walked 1 mile. Then I cycled for five, so I got in a pretty good hour. I was sweating it up good. Must've been pretty red too, because I got "the look" from another runner. You know? The one that wonders if you are about to have a heart attack and fly off the back of it? Ya, that one. Oh welllllllll.

AND! And, and, and! The ice is going back in at the rink this week. I'm going to be able to skate again by next Wednesday. I am very excited about that! Yes I am. Burns TONS of calories. Tons.

So, that's the scoopage. I'm not quite finished with all of the summer events and revelry yet. Have 3 graduation parties and a wedding this weekend. But I am very motivated right now, and can't wait to get into lower 70's. It's like how I felt when I hit the 90's. The further I got from 200 the happier I was. Not sure why that's true in the 70's but it is. I'm more motivated than I've been in a long time. So you all must be praying for me. Don't stop! He's listening!

I'm over and out here. Have to make one more trip out tonight and I am wiped! Thank you, thank you for supporting me. Thanks for the hits and checking. I'm good. And getting better. We all are. Goodnight friends. Sleep well.

P.S. to my the first anonymous blogger from my last post -- VERY interesting analogy. And it raises interesting possibilities about my body response to sugar. I'm going to play Inspector Clouseau on that . . . so gracias!

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