Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am pretty sure you can guess my mood today. I am so incredibly thrilled to be on what my body bug calls a "downward trend." It's been a crazy month, and I am happy to have held on for the ride and kept right on losing.

In case you didn't hear, Consumer Reports recently rated all of the top weight loss programs recently. Jenny Craig came out as number one. Since I am on the program, I am obviously not surprised. I have lost 20 pounds on it. I love it. And I tell everyone about it. I know it's not something everyone wants to try, and I know not everyone can afford it. But you don't have to buy their food. In fact, I don't believe you even have to sign up with Jenny Craig. To me, it's the accountability. That's what keeps me on the program. Having to get on that scale every week and show someone whether I have stayed on track is exactly what keeps me on track. So let me tell you, even if you aren't doing JC, you CAN find someone to weigh in with every week. You can find a "diet buddy" to work with and motivate you. It really helps if it's someone who wants to lose weight themselves. I know for certain that seeing my sister drop weight week after week is a TRUE motivator for me. I want to keep up.

I moved into a new house this month, had a holiday weekend, and I've had lots of "special occasion" nights. I have had a few tough days of overeating. But I have stayed pretty firmly committed. I DO NOT want to stay this weight. I am sick to DEATH of the size 16's and anything with a "w" on the end. Sick, sick, sick of it! I want to shop in stores that have size 14 and under and find something that fits me. I want to look and family pictures and not be the one that stands out because of my size. I want to see a picture where one of my thighs isn't the width of the next person's entire frame. This body has got to go!!!!! Enough already.

So in the weeks to come, I am going to stay challenged, stay on the program, stay strong. I can talk myself into anything. It's only my own mind that stops me.

So. There it is today. Another great day. And I hope to have more. And come back and tell you about it. So I'm off and running this morning. Have a fantastic day. God bless!


  1. Well, "LITTLE OLD LADY TRYING TO GET RID OF THE BAGGAGE" you got rid of the biggest piece of baggage . . . now you can take care of and polish the treasure that was misplaced. . . YOU!

  2. Car 54 where are you?