Sunday, May 15, 2011


That's right, folks. I lost another 4.4 pounds this week. I am beyond thrilled, as I am sure you can imagine. I can't hardly believe it, either. I had hoped to be down to a dead on 198, but almost died when the other number popped up. Yipppeeeee!!!!!!

The ONLY downside to losing so much so quickly is that I am in between jean sizes too. Jeans that I wore a month ago are hanging on me. Jeans that I WANT to wear are just a smidgen out of my range. But it will come, and I know it. I know I'm doing a program that works, I know I am more motivated than I have been in over a year and a 1/2, and I know I will succeed. I am looking ahead to December - and skin, skin, skinny! Yes I am. And I will be.

I have tons to do tonight, so I need to sign off early. I hope to get back on here before the weekend. I want to tell you about where the fat goes. You know, when you "lose it." Where does the fat actually go? Anybody know? Hmmm..... a thought to ponder.

Have a great Monday. Love and blessings ---


  1. Just to let you know
    "I am so pleased with your proigress". JPII

  2. you're such an inspiration! keep up the great work!