Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Queen of Mean?

I learned something important this week. I had a horrible weekend of binge eating. I ate anything and everything unhealthy. And as the weekend wore on, my spirits plummeted. By Monday, I was sooooo crabby I didn't want to see or talk to anyone. I was ticked off at every thought that sprang into my head, and couldn't pinpoint a bloody concrete reason. And alas! I had an appointment with my trainer. This wouldn't be good.

So I got there at 1:00. By 1:15 I was running on the treadmill at a 3 incline and a speed of 4.2, crying my eyes out and spewing out the venomous feelings that had built up. My trainer and my friend D were very, very supportive, but I chuckled later at the look of dismay that registered on their faces as I raged on and on. Hah! Good sports! And all the while my trainer is saying "Get it out! This is where you get it out. Work it off and work it out."

25 minutes later we moved on resistance training. By that time I felt both faint and sick. Workin' the thighs, core and arms at the same time. Light headed. Oh. My. Goodness. I didn't get in every exercise she put out there. I had to sit down to keep from passing out. No orange bucket that you could throw up into. But I kept at it, finishing strong with the oblique work. Good for me.

And then she told me something really interesting. She said that there are a LOT of people out there who have a physically emotional reaction to the wrong kind of carbs. Lots of bad carbs (chips, potatoes, bread etc..) can create an emotional firestorm in some people. It causes yo-yo emotions and depression. VERY interesting to say the least. I am going to really, really work at avoiding bad carbs, but I am also going to keep track of what happens when I do consume them. This is a pretty novel idea for me. It's like having an allergy to certain kinds of food. And if that is one of the things that causes me to experience melancholy and/or unreasonable anger, then I can live with avoiding it. BIG REVELATION!

So I will leave you with that bit of information, and then simply postulate this: do you suppose my trainer had too many carbs this weekend? Can you say "dominatrix"? Ouch.

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