Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if I am out of my ever-lovin' mind. Seriously. I mean, here I am, 199 pounds, planning to run/walk/run a marathon in October. My bro is training by running. I am working with my trainer, walking, skating & swimming. But I decided to test the competitive waters and really push myself out of the comfort zone in which I live. How? I have signed up to participate in a triathlon.
Did you faint? Don't feel bad if you did. lol. The look that comes across the faces of people I tell this too is either one of genuine concern for my MENTAL health, or pure, unadulterated incredulity. Err . . . . you whaaaattttt???

It's okay folks. I am not as ambitious as that. But I want to participate. So I enlisted the help of 2 teenagers -- a swimmer and a cycler -- to do this as a relay. So my swimmer will have to finish 24 laps in an olympic sized pool (yuk!). My cycler will have to pedal 13 miles of pavement (yuk!). And me, I have the easy part. I have to run 3 miles. I can handle running 3 miles. They think my part is the hardest. I don't agree. But that's why it will work.

Unfortunately, since our ages are 16, 16, and late 40ish, we cannot compete in a specific age group. But I'm not competing to win. I just want the t-shirt. And they seem to be okay with just getting in there and doing it for fun, so we're good.

Okay. So I'm needing to make sure I'm getting in a run every day. And you know me. I am a bit of a procrastinator. So pray for me. I don't have a lot of time! May 1st is only 6 weeks away and I'm pretty much still a big blob. Blob, blob, blob. But not for much longer. I've gotta move it!

With that said, I am going to go take a little snooze (did you think I was going to say take a walk? Hahaha). I will later. At the moment I've got a bit of a migraine. Going on two days and BOY does that get old! So I'll go for a little shut eye before I walk or run. Besides, I skated for an hour this morning. Skating helped take the edge off of my headache but didn't get rid of it. All that blood circulating and my heart pumping - I could only hope it would disappear. And tylenol, ibuprofen, and aleve have not produced relief either. Oh well. It could be a lot worse.

So I'm off. Have a wonderful day friends. Life is good.

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