Monday, August 31, 2009

One More Week

That's what I keep telling myself. One more week and my life gets back to a routine. I really love this time of year. I don't like seeing the summer end, but I love the autumn season. The Indian Summer days, the changing coloring of the leaves. All of the things that come with the fall. And I love getting back to a rhythm. The rhythm that comes from getting up at the same time every day, getting to bed a little earlier at night. Mornings that are centered around heading to the gym or the walking trail or the skating rink.

Oh by the way-- the ice goes back in at the rink this week and I can't WAIT to get in there and skate. Did I mention that I broke down and bought some hockey skates this summer? Getting around in those is going to be a hoot! I got them second-hand, for a great price, and they are in very good condition. In fact, I wish my body was in as good of a condition. Haha. Soon. Very soon!

I saw quite a few pictures of myself over the course of the summer. I'm not looking as awful as I did when I was 225, but I still look pretty chunk-a-dunky. I need to shave off about 50 more pounds. Of course I'm afraid I'll quit. I will get to 150, remember my age, and just try to maintain from then on. It's depressing from time to time to know that 150 satisfies me when it would have horrified my 10 years ago. So for now I will just stand firm in my goals and plow ahead.

My weight is steady as she goes at 186. I need to keep walking and counting, walking and counting. I'm way too lax right now. But again, next week kicks off the school year, and I am ready to roll. I just have to go through my cupboards and fridge and toss all the good stuff. Er, I mean the UNHEALTHY stuff. Yea. The unhealthy stuff.

I'll let you know how my week goes. Just wanted to touch base. You all have a wonderful week! And gear up. We're in this together!


  1. Come back, girl! I need your inspiring words. Even when you are stepping backward in your journey, I want to be there with you. I've been stepping back on my own journey for awhile. I need your inspiration to start moving forward again!

  2. I hop around reading blogs, mostly weight, and I happened to find yours. I read a lot of your past posts and comments. Peole with weight problems know food is an adiction - no different than an addiction to spending money, gambling, alcohol or allowing yourself defeating behavior. I always hear about "Tomorrow - tomorrow". There isn't a tomorrow for some. My daughter with luck and prayer only have about 120 tomorrows. Tomorrow may be too late for you too. Weight loss isn't a game you play, lose and play again some other day. Maybe your approach has been wrong and therefore the sliding backward. I see you haven't written for over a month. Why is that? Do you know? We all have busy lives, jobs (hopefully), homes, family and friends. We all find computer time too. Some of our life situations may change from time to time. But those of us with weight problems, past or present will always have those issues. That probably won't change. It's an addiction - A health issue. There is no miracle that will let you have wine and fried chicken and donuts because you want to. It's not much different than needing glasses, insulin or a wooden leg. You address it, fix it and live with it. It appears you have still kept a considerable amount of your weight loss off. That alone is admirable. But do yourself a favor and open you eyes and read what you have written over the past several months. The answer may be there for you - between the excuses. It's not just getting back on the horse, it is taking off the rose colored glasses and looking at this realistically. Good Luck!

  3. I re-read your blog about giving up coffee awhile back. What's wrong with coffee? You can't take all the pleasures out of life. Just cut back on the cream a little. I bet you use to like it black!!!!!!!

  4. wow, comment #2 was written by a genious! We should all be thankful for trolls who have all the time in the world to scroll the internet and give their insanely brilliant perspective on our lives without knowing dick about us.