Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am not sure all of you remember, but at the beginning of the summer my treadmill died. I thought it was a pretty good one. I didn't pay a lot for it but it did the job. Then out of the blue, nothing. The motor simply stopped. The lights didn't light. Dead.

I had someone come and look at it and he told me it was toast. Done. Finito. But I didn't really mind because it was the middle of the summer and all my exercise was happening outdoors anyway. So it was sayonara.

Fast forward to autumn. Again, didn't really care about the treadmill because I kept telling myself I was going to get to the gym, go to spin class, blah, blah, blah. And of course I went once, maybe twice and that was it. All the while my weight was creeping up and terrible eating habits creeping back in. Christmas hit, and I knew I had to get serious. But I didn't.

By mid-January, I was just about at the point where I couldn't stand it anymore. So I bit the bullet and bought a new treadmill. I have in the house instead of the garage, in a conspicuous place that's an eyesore, but I don't care. I have to get going.

So I got on it, and was bored, bored, bored. My brother told me he watches a movie when walks, so I decided that was the ticket for me as well. I started searching for some movies and came across a television show that one of my hockey player - adopted-type sons absolutely loved: LOST. I called him and asked him if it was a show that an old lady like me would like. Affirmative. So I got the first season (which he recommended so I have lots to watch and so I would know what's going on). I watched the first two pilot episodes, plus one more. That's all it took. Three times to create an addiction.

So . . . I decided that since I like it so much, I would only allow myself to watch it when I am on the treadmill. A good idea, since I couldn't wait to see the next episode. So back on I went. And again. I moved a TV up and in front of the treadmill because the volume on my MAC isn't loud enough to be heard over the sound of the treadmill. Perfect. I am so excited. It's perfect. And once again I'm walking to Vegas folks. Walking to Vegas.

I should add that I got back on the ice yesterday in spite of my injury. Still can't stop well, but the work out is great. I also got in a 40 minute swim. So today my weight was already down to a dead-on 200. Woot!!!!!

So I am off to lead my busy life. I'll be back over the weekend. Peace out.

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