Monday, November 2, 2009


That's what it is. A new motto. It's a good one too. Every time I read it I am inspired. I saw it first on the wall of the gym on the Biggest Loser television show (I know, I know. I obsess about that show). But I read it on the show and I have tried to keep it in my mind. It slips away far too easy. So, I printed out a bunch of signs and hung them all over the place in my world. A reminder. And so far, it's been good. Although so far, its only been a day. lol.

I am struggling, and I am sure you know. I just can't get myself where I was. I want it bad, but apparently something in my psyche doesn't want it bad enough. I still have Valentine's Day as my goal, but I am having a hard time.

I got back on the ice last week. That was wonderful! I love, love, love skating. And my muscles hurt the next day. So I have to get back and keep doing that. I was hoping to get in a little more walking outside before jump starting the winter activities. The weather here in God's country has been totally uncooperative. Rain, rain and more rain Then there was a little snow. And more rain. So that plan may or may not pan out -- we shall see.

So that's what I have for you today. It's up and down and up and down. A lot like my moods these days I'm afraid. Victory on my journey definitely fosters a cheery disposition! Anyway, I going to get up every day and try again. Try until I do what this sign says. I promised you and I promised me. So there. I stayed off the scale after a weekend of indulgences. I have had a great day, so I will get back on again tomorrow. Not sure what I will see. The last number we had was 192, remember. Not pretty. So I will let you know.

Okay - you all have a great day. It's nice being back here. It feels like home. *smile*


  1. I think the difference between 'now and then' is you were compulsive about it. I MEAN OBSESSED.Blogged everyday. You came first. Your day revolved around losing weight. Maybe somewhere along the line someone shot you down for being obsessed about. But it worked!

  2. Have you given any thought to this idea: When you began your blog it was new! New people, a new idea, new experience. It might be getting a littler ho-hum right now. Sort of been there - done that! Why not try a new blog, new name, new everthing. Don't tell us right away. Weigh in every day. Keep a diary. Be accountable to new people in a new public forum. Speak up once again. Start fresh and see what happens.

  3. ...and when you get tired of standing up....get down on your knees.

  4. You seem to be having trouble if no post is a sign. Have you thought about accountability to something like weight watchers? What do you have to lose? Pardon the pun. It's a lonely road your on. Face to face might help.

  5. excuse me -I mean to say 'You're on'