Monday, October 19, 2009

Git R Done

I see that phrase all over the place, and as "inspirational" as it may be for some people, it kinda drives me crazy. Not even sure why . . .

So I have had a decent week. I am not down any weight, but getting back into the groove is pretty exhausting. Funny how the same battles that I so quickly overcame last January crop up like they are brand new! Like exercise. Hahaha. DON"T love it, but at the same time I DO love it. I hate watching what I eat, but at the same time I love it.

I am inspired every single time I make a good choice. And the little choices are often the largest. For example, today I took a Hershey's kiss out of the adorable little spider candy dish sitting on my living room table (I really wanted to slide that dish info in somewhere :)). I had every intention of popping it into my mouth, when I suddenly thought about it. I dropped it right back in the dish. It may seem like a small, small victory, but it's not. The more times I say no, the more I practice disciplining myself, the better I become in making the right choices. After a while, it will be back to being the way I live instead of some deprivation for reward game.

And here's another interesting tidbit for you. I know you all know I'm big into prayer. So today I was doing just that. And I came across a genuinely moving paragraph in one of my prayer books. Thomas a Kempis said (and I'm paraphrasing) that there's is no glory in a crown that isn't hard won. The glory of success can only come when we overcome a great measure of adversity to achieve it. Now I know I've spoken of my journey as a battle before. But it was kinda fun seeing my sentiments in someone else's book of prose.

So, I'm going to keep praying for the strength to overcome temptation and make these choices my DESIRES instead of something negative. I'll pray for the courage to win the battle of the buldge. lol. It'll come. God is good.

I'm off . . . off to battle. God bless!

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  1. Oh, oh, oooh, I gotta have the exact quote. Or a copy of the page. No, a copy of the CHAPTER! I am preparing some parenting lectures for St. A, and that fits EXACTLY in with what I am planning!! Go girl! Now, PLEASE keep posting, 'cause I am counting on you!