Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hey all! Another great day in dietville. :) I'm still working off the weekend, and heading into a new one. A busy, food-filled one. So I'm trying to get ahead of the game. And it looks like that's working for me, doesn't it??? Yea.

I've been exercising a ton this week. Walked, ran. Walked, ran. And I'm doing a great job on my eating too. So I'm pretty happy. I just wish it wasn't so hard to stay in check when I get to the social stuff. I have so many more coming up this month. and I'm very worried about it. I'm sincerely starting to believe that if I can make it to August 1st without gaining . . . without sliding back into the 80's, I'm going to be in great shape. And let me tell you this, it's gonna be SUPER tough. But I will keep you in the loop. What I know, you'll know. Promise.

And I will keep exercising. That's going to be key. Without it I'm not gonna make it. We ALL know that!

Another dull post today, sorry to say. Despite all my "social" gigs I really have no life. Which explains why this is dull. It's all about the food and exercise. Hah!

So I'm going to sign off here. I'm going to try and post again before or during the weekend. It'll keep me honest and accountable. So until then, God Bless!

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